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Spanish producer Uner has left an inimitable mark on house music over the apst few years, with his funk-loaded, nuanced and ornate wares earning him rave reviews around the globe. A firm fixture of the Diynamic crew, he recently released his debut album on the label, with Tune 432 a stunning mix of up-tempo and pitched-back jams, all of which carry that unmistakable Uner flair. With the album just dropped, we dialed up the multifaceted producer to talk about the album, Ibiza and what’s in store over the next while…

So Uner, how was the past year for you? What were the highlights?
2013 has been an amazing year for me. I’ve kept releasing music on labels I like, I’ve played over 100 gigs all around the world and I had a wonderful summer in Ibiza working with the best people there are. I’ve worked hard on my album too and finished it before the end of 2013. The truth is, I couldn’t ask for more…the whole year was a highlight!

Ibiza has always been massively important to you, right? What were your favourite memories of the past season?
Really, every night and every day is special in Ibiza. I love the island and the magical energy you can feel there. But I have a lot of great memories from Ushuaia with Ants and, of course, the opening and closing parties. The closing was so special for me because it was the end of the summer with all my good friends. But like I said, every minute I spend on the island is special to me.

You produced alongside Edu Imbernon and Coyu when you were starting out. Do you guys ever get together these days? Would you like to work with them again?
Yes, I’ve been working and releasing for years under different names, and we met at a point of change for me (mostly at a personal level), of evolution, and we fitted perfectly. We had different styles and we still do, but I think that’s exactly what made us tick.
We live in different cities right now so it’s very much harder to get together, but we keep in touch, we support each other and when we meet it’s all laughs, mostly with Edu, with whom I have lived some really unforgettable moment! And we might get together to do something special again, who knows!?

You’ve recently done a mix for Cecille. How did that one come about?
Marc from the label wrote to me and proposed I do the mix, after I finishing a special track for their anniversary VA. I said yes right away, not only because it’s something interesting, but because of the great relationship we have and how great they’ve always treated me.
For me, loyalty and affinity is something very important.

Was it difficult to choose the tracks you used? How did you decide which ones suited the mix?
Not at all. They’re all VA tracks, exclusive, so it was a pleasure working in it. The music’s by artists I admire and follow, so not only wasn’t it hard, but it was very nurturing and fun too!

Also, you’ve become a firm part of the Diynamic crew recently. What’s the best thing about working alongside those guys?
Yeah, I’ve been working with them for 4 years now. I’m really proud to be part of this amazing team. The most important thing for me and for Alex, my manager, is the great feelings that we have when working together. We love to be involved in every aspect of our ways, and with Diynamic it’s easy.

And of course i spent a lot of time with Adriano and Solomun and they helped to me a lot with my career too.

You play live and you DJ, right? Which do you prefer though? Do you keeping DJing so you can keep things fresh?
I only play live about 8 or 9 times a year, in special events or big festivals. I want every time I play live to be new and exclusive for the venue, so it’s very difficult to have that every week. Also, logistics get harder, it can sometimes be tough to travel with a lot of equipment.
I’ve been DJing since 2004 and so I travel every weekend. It’s something exciting for me because I try to reconstruct each track I play and for me, it’s like creating music through other people’s minds. What I do now is, I blend both sides and include a live part in my DJ set to play live my own tracks. But all year long, I’m 80% DJ and maybe 20% live.

What are your aims when making a record then?
The creative process is the most important for me. i love to work on long tracks, and try to find, a special feelings within the music. With the album, it was just an exercise of absolute expression as a musician, even though I’m sure I’ll soon continue this expression with a second album. But that’s the only goal for me, as I said before: to show myself 100% to the audience, without labels and without limits during the creative process.

Did the album on Diynamic end up exactly as you’d hoped it would then?
100%, yes, because my intention was simply to make music and enjoy it a lot, and make it as natural as possible. In this case, everything has turned out exactly how I imagined and felt. I’m really satisfied with the result.

Is there a story behind the album? What inspired you as you made it?
Yes…The recording process took almost a year. Almost the full album has been composed out of the studio. My idea was to expose myself to the influence of the different places I’ve visited through the months of recording. I’ve tried to find inspiration in tours and the
different cities I’ve visited and it’s been an amazing experience for me.

I was able to complete 22 tracks. All the surroundings, the traveling and the people I’ve worked with in the album, have inspired me and the work flowed in a very natural way, same as with the creative process. Even the tracks’ melodies, drums, etc. have been recorded on the go, with their little natural “mistakes”, without retouching, and the structures were mounted completely live. I wanted it all to be as natural as possible.

What more can we look forward to from you over the next few months?
We have an amazing tour lined up. 3 Months touring around Europe, North and South America, part of Asia, etc… I’m really excited with it. After the tour, I will have some special shows also in europe and will start Ibiza again!

Music-wise, there’ll be new stuff published over the next few months on Visionquest, Darkroom Dubs (Original tracks on each label) and Snatch (a remix for Riva Starr), etc.

And a new label is coming… but I’m still working on it, so we will let you know as soon we have everything running!


Uner’s debut album, ‘Tune 432’, is out now on Diynmaic

You Can buy it here – http://www.beatport.com/release/tune432/1224314
Watch the Video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqGx4QgQ0i8


Uner Plays at Egg London on March 1st as part of his Album tour’

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