Warmup London 2nd Birthday featuring Petar Dundov and Rone

To celebrate their 2nd Birthday Warmup will be heading back to Bloc (Autumn St Hackney Wick) where they will present a lineup of special artists that are a little off the usual track in London.

The creative idea behind this event is to hit all angles of electronic music ranging from atmospheric electronica, complex melodic soundscapes, through to intense progressive techno. All three headliners will play live; expect the boundaries of underground electronic music to be pushed to their very limits.

Specifically curated to build an emotional musical experience Warmup begins its journey with the sounds of Parra for Cuva (Live). Expect delicate sounds of warm electronic harmonies with lots of atmosphere and nostalgic noises. Warmup will then move in to a more experimental vibrant and colourful techno experience with Rone (live) and finally build up to a progressive, gripping and intense finale with Petar Dunov (live).

Petar Dundov sums up techno and his sound perfectly here:

“Techno is music that precedes movement. It is dance music, solid enough to carry emotions through the dance floor and abstract enough to be a template for ever”

Petar’s breathtaking productions embody this ethos, serving the inherent function of making your body pulse spontaneously while also challenging your brain with its complex melodies and slow-burning, hypnotic progressions. It’s the antidote for anyone who thinks that techno is about senseless, dull looping.

It is very rare to see such accomplished artists under one roof. If you like your music with an intelligent melodic edge why not join Warmup in their celebrations.

Full line up

Rone (live)
Petar Dundov (Live)
Parra for Cuva (live)
Aidan Doherty
Candi Bianca
Jorge Martins

Event information and tickets here
Warmup’s Twitter Page here

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!