Yamaha HS8 Monitor

It’s been over seven years, since the release of the HS80m was released. Yamaha has now come back with a new improved HS8 monitor tweaking and upgrading the original HS80M model. As with the previous model it retains its 8 inch woofer which correlates to its numerical series along with a newly designed 1 inch dome tweeter. This serIes of monitors are all active therefore are powered with a 75W amp to drive to woofer with a 45W for facilitate the tweeter.

Once factor which concerned Yamaha was the cabinet in which the speaker would be housed. They have modified and redesigned to reduce overall resonance giving the finished articles dimensions of 250 x 390 x 334 mm (WxHxD). The cabinet’s rear firing port design, has helped reduce overall noise by upto 6 dB. The XLR connector and TRS phone jack input connections are both balanced, but the latter can accept unbalanced signals.

1385570269_570786364_2-Yamaha-HS8-Powered-Studio-Monitor-Pair-LahoreIn the rear also Yamaha has used the same features as previous HS80m series. A Room Control switch which is to be used to compensate for when the speakers are too close to the wall thus giving a false representation in the bass and lowend frequencies. There is also room Trim switches for the mids and highs to again adjust according to your room environment. Sadly not everyone can have perfectly square room and acoustic treated studio, so these additions are always greatly welcomed.

Yamaha include a manual stating the desired setup to maximise their potential but as mentioned above not everyone has the ideal setup, far from it actually but the frequency controls on the back help to find what is the truest reference you can achieve, in relation to your recording environment and its frequency responses. In summary Yamaha have done a fine job in refining an already great active monitor and retailing for £249 a for one would be fine addition to any studio.