5 FREE Dutch festivals you should check out

Summer is on the horizon and the festival season has almost arrived! Here in Holland you can choose from a variety of festivals every weekend. And with such a wide array to choose from, we asked Ellen Van Ost aka DJ Pookie to select some Dutch festivals which give you the maximum value for money.

We all need to watch what we spend in the summer months, and the good weather brings with it many distractions. Festivals are plentiful now in the Netherlands, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are a number of free festivals organised each year, which can be financed through sponsors, crowdfunding and donations so therefore can still produce great things. Free festivals are mostly organised by volunteers and with Kingsday 2015 now a delightful memory, here are some festivals which we think are worth a visit:

Hey! Karavaan,
Strandclub de Karavaan, Scheveningen
With Michel de Hey, Barem, Gaiser, Paco Osuna and more

Michel de Hey

Situated on the best stretch of beach in the Netherlands and within walking distance of the boulevard is the Beach Club ‘ The Caravan’. Distinguished by its rustic ambiance, candid atmosphere, excellent cuisine and wonderful staff. May 24th sees Michel De Hey hosting the Pentecost festivities.


LaLaLand Festival
Strandboulevard West, Harderwijk
Line-up: Joost Van Bellen, Orange Skyline, Mike Mago, Orkestravaganza and more


With a delightful cross section of music, LaLa Land feels like a mini Benicassim. With 4 unique stages featuring local underground talents as well as international names, this is definitely a worthy addition to the free festival scene.


Sonniuswijk 35, Son en Breugel
Line-up: Bor, El Greco, Surrealistic and more

TAG festival

Boasting 3 stages jam packed with amazing acts from across the techno spectrum, TAG promise you a long, fun weekend. There are also camping facilities for a small fee and car drivers can park near to the festival as well.


Stereo Sunday
Julianapark, Venlo
Line-up: tba

stereo sunday

Stereo Sunday a free two day festival in the first weekend of July. Two days devoted to dance music, with three areas of the best house, techno, eclectics and more .. And with the likes of Anja Schneider and Nick Curly as previous headliners, this is definitely more bang for your buck!



Matrixx at the Park
Hunnerpark Nijmegen
Line-up: tba

Matrixx in the park

Matrixx at the ParkMatrixx at the Park returns in 2015! From the 18th of July till the 24th of July, we take over the “Hunnerpark” in Nijmegen. On two stages, you can enjoy the best dance music of today.

On the mainstage, popular DJ’s from Holland and abroad will perform in diverse genres, from House to Hardstyle and from Trance to Eclectic. On the second stage, local talents are given the chance by Matrixx to perform for an audience in diverse genres, leading from techno, tech-house, (deep)house to R&B and hiphop.

And the best part? IT’S FREE!



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About the Author

Ellen van Olst aka Miss POOKIE - DJ and Radio host

Ellen became more involved with Electronic Music in 2008 as she started to work for ID&T BV, a dance events organizer in Amsterdam. It felt like homecoming in a scene which she adored so much from earlier age.