The first weekend in June meant one thing and that was Psycatron’s appearance at the Liverpool night, Luna. Luna is a night that I have been aware of for some time. I know many of the people driving the brand such as Nick Gartland, and Steve Parry, from my misspent years in the city, when I was a student. Steve Parry has been a household name for many years in Liverpool. His has hosted a night called Alderaan, a radio show on Juice FM and his gigs at the legendary Cream nightclub and Creamfields festivals.

I arrived in Liverpool about lunch time to met Jade, who would be joining me on my voyage down to Luna later that evening. We grabbed some lunch and had quick wander around the city, which has changed so much over the years, before heading back for a disco nap to ensure I was ready for the night ahead.

We hopped in a cab around 10pm and headed over to Luna which was hosted in Boutique. The club is not too far from Dale Street for those who know the city. As always there is good banter with the taxi driver and I am always surprised at how cheap the taxis are in Liverpool. Never worry about staying too far out of the city centre if you do pay a visit! We quickly lept from the taxi and headed over to Boutique, where I was welcomed by Martin Whitehead. Martin is in involved in the social media and promotion side of Luna. I had a quick chat with him before we headed downstairs into a small dark room where Adele Moss was on warm up duties spinning lovely house grooves. If you have never been to Boutique, it is quite a small venue, that I believe, is only open one night per week. Don’t expect anything too flashy, but I liked the look of the dark room and the pillars dotted around the venue. The lighting was sparse, but that added to the nice dark moody feel of the place. We grabbed a drink at the bar and we were both shortly joined by Nick Gartland and Raj Khush, who gave us both a friendly welcome and I chatted with the pair about some of the plans they have for Luna in the coming months. Adele at this point was keeping a good solid groove even though it was still quite early. However this was something I expected as no one goes out too early in Liverpool unless they have to. Adele kept the grooves simple with some well-placed percussive tracks that seemed to be well appreciated by the small crowd grooving away on the dance floor. The room started to fill slightly by 11:30pm, when I saw a familiar small frame in the shadows. This could only be one man, Steve Parry. When he realised it was me, he headed over and we soon got talking about music and what he had planned for his set. He spoke about some techno tracks he had on promo and told me I would love them, which got me rather excited for the next few hours ahead before heading off to the DJ booth. I am always inspired by Steve’s love for the industry and his enthusiasm. He has seen a lot and experienced even more. A lot of the youngsters in the industry could learn a lot from this man.

At around the turn of 00:00 Steve Parry got going on the decks. He thanked Adele who did a good job, which must have been hard due to the small numbers in the club at the time. He soon started picking up the pace and it was clear that the mood in the venue appeared to pick up pace. The club by this time was stating to fill up and the crowd beginning to fill the dance floor. The early part of the set with filled with some slick grooves and big basslines to get the crowd warmed up nicely. As we moved into the second hour of his set the crowd were taken on more of a familiar progressive and techno journey. Tracks like “Quivver, Ain’t Nothing Going On” and “Okain, Chamelion Hot Since 82 Remix” were bellowing from the speakers. Both were very well received and Steve continued on his journey. By this point the Funktion One sound system was giving what it was capable of. It was at this point I decided to head onto the dance floor where I was greeted by a familiar face; an old friend that I used to party with in Liverpool many years ago. He spoke of fond memories of days clubbing clubbing with me and others at places like Cream and Bugged Out. By this point things were really in full swing and he had definitely found his groove. Towards the end of his set he even squeezed in a cheeky remix of “Junior Jack, Thrill Me” which was duly noted by the scouse crowd, as Paul Hamill (one half of Psycatron) began plugging in his hardware for his set.

The time had arrived. Paul Hamill took to the decks at about 2:15am and filled the room with techno grooves with splashes of progressive delights. Very good set by the man. His set was sprinkled with some tracks that had recently been featured on Digweed’s Versus CD. He even sneaked in a few new tracks of his, but I did not want to bug the man for names, as he was in full flow. I am a big believer in enjoying a night and not trying to know the name of every tracks played by a DJ. The time had come to make a move, as I think I am getting old. It was 3:30-4am and there is now some full on heads down clubbing going on. I decided to bid my farewells to the guys and head off to hunt for a cab. I had some good chat with the taxi driver who spoke about his love for the city and how a certain conservative leader had put the city back many years with her policy decisions. I must admit I have to agree but it is good to see the city looking so vibrant at the moment and so many god nights filling it’s venues.

Luna really is a great night that is run by some of the friendliest people you will come across. The guys involved in this really are just lovers of the music, and scene, and I recommend you go to this night if you get the chance. I suspect there will be a fair few more big names gracing the decks over the coming months that will be sure to cause a stir on any dance floor. Thank you Luna, and I will be back for sure!

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