Major Announcement – Decoded Magazine is coming to America

We are excited to announce that Decoded Magazine will be expanding to the America’s, with a dedicated site incorporating the entire United States, Canada and select countries of South America, launching March 1st 2015.

Our Managing Director and Editor Damion Pell explains:

Decoded Magazine really is a labour of love from all involved. What makes us so unique from other online media, is we are owned and staffed by DJs, producers, promoters and industry figures, giving us a unique insight into the industry as we live and breath it everyday. Our decision to create a dedicated site for the America’s is due to the death of EDM and the need to report on the amazing work that happens every week in the underground music scene from Toronto to Buenos Aires. Each city has a story to tell, exciting music to deliver and a need to nurture up and coming talent through to established artists who work so tirelessly.

The demise of EDM has been a long time coming. The writing on the wall was written awhile ago and the scene in each area has now fragmented to allow us to place our resources and experience to create a hub for those who wish to continue their love of Dance Music and move to the more underground sounds of electronic music. We are excited to be working with so many talented artists, writers, video producers and more. As a dedicated site for the America’s, we will be bringing a new outlook to the scene with the creation of Decoded TV, events, collaborations with leading promoters and artists as well as our regular features, mixes, interviews, future leaders, DJ & producing equipment, lifestyle, fashion and much more. It is really a very exciting time for all involved.

Decoded Magazine America will be managed and edited by the passionate and and talented Amber Long & Mason Bach who have released on such labels as Sudbeat, Stripped, Mirabilis to name a few, joined by an amazing team of writers, promoters, DJs and artist across Canada, US and South America. Their passion to tell a story, report relevant news, events and more is second to none and will be backed up by our team in Europe and Asia.

We will soon be announcing a series of launch parties and our One Week To Live brand across Canada and US, on top of our events across Europe, UK and more in 2015. Be sure to follow us at Facebook,  Twitter , Instagram and Soundcloud – keep an eye out.

To make all this possible, we are always looking for new contributors, writers, promoters, DJs and venues to collaborate to join our team world-wide. To find out more, email us for a chat at Lastly, we are now in place to accept advertising and integrated marketing campaigns across the site, platforms and other mediums. If you would like to know more, feel free to drop us an email to

So who is Decoded?

A diverse and like minded creative group of professional recording artists, journalists, label owners, DJs, promoters, music publishers, journalists, marketing managers, print & web designers and video producers who believe in creating memorable, professional and informative features, to provide a platform for up and coming and established artists and promoters to connect globally and provide impartial news away from the commercial industry

In 2014, we have sponsored, co-promoted and promoted events in Mauritius, Amsterdam, Sydney, London, Manchester, Alkmaar and Mumbai with Hernan Cattaneo, Darin Epsilon, Josh Wink, Rene Engel, Dave Clarke, Stephan Bodzin, Darren Emerson, Saytek, Guy J and Jaydee to name a few
Our global syndicated radio show, reaches over 200 000 listeners in 14 countries. We have published* 157 mixes on Soundcloud, interviewed over 200 artists including Dave Seaman, Mr C, Darren Emerson, Jon Rundell, Coyu, Piermont, Mini Cool Boyz, Guy J, Darin Epsilon, Utah Saints, Hardfloor, Paul Hazendonk, Tom Hades, Joachim Speith, TILT, Jewel Kid, Deepchild, Andre Sobota, Manuel De La Mare, Oliver Lieb, Tim Andressen, Lonya, Paul Thomas, Partial Arts and more.

The Music

In a saturated and cloned dance music market, it is becoming all to common to merely emulate, rather than stand out, be unique and create memorable music. Our passion for timeless, creative and intimate music stems filters through to the artists we invite to join Decoded Magazine. We do not look for just anyone, we are looking for people who create memorable music that inspires and invokes emotion, rather than be disposable chart topping hits and mixes. We support and nurture underground house, progressive, techno, deep house,minimal, breaks, electronic, drum and bass music. We do not follow trends, we create them

The Website

We live in a world of mass media consumerism, yet never tell a story. Never in the history of mankind, has so much information been available, yet our voices are never heard. Decoded Magazine aims to deliver thought provoking, intelligent journalistic articles that affect the generations who are passionate about electronic music, fashion, lifestyle, industry news,interviews, travel, food and breaking new emerging talent beyond the dance floor. We provide ethical, provoking and entertaining content to a global audience.

One Week To Live

Our events are open to like minded promoters and venues around the world, who share a passion, devotion and ability to host exclusive licensed underground events. Our ethos in the brand and events, is to create evocative personal images of what would you wish as your very last party, to end all parties, if you had ONE WEEK TO LIVE. We believe in creating partnerships, under our creative direction, to push new and intelligent music.