So just how much do Musicians really make from Spotify, YouTube etc?

Data scientist David McCandless has just updated his infographic Selling Out: How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online. When he published version 1 in 2010, it sparked a conversation the we’re all still still having today.

How much do artists earn when they put their music online? A new infographic from David McCandless of Information Is Beautiful offers an answer. He looks at how much artists earn using various distributors and retailers from Bandcamp to iTunes when they sell online; and pulls data to examine what streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Baets pay.

McCandless’ comparisons are not always apples to apples, as a careful look at the graphic reveals. Right now , Beats Music pays more per stream than Spotify, for example, but Spotify delivers many more streams. And exactly how much of any of this income filters to artists varies widely depending on individual contracts.

Still, the 2015 edition of Selling Out: How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online is a great place to start and destined to be the conversation starter it was when he published the first version way back in 2010.



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