To the Beat of the Drum. Robot Robot and Decoded get an exclusive preview of Drumsheds

As enthusiastic Printworks fans, we were absolutely thrilled when the editor of Decoded extended a special invitation to Luke Pepper and I (Luke Brancaccio), granting us an exclusive early look at their latest venture, Drumsheds.

Our journey led us to Edmonton, where a massive former IKEA store had undergone a remarkable transformation to become the new home for this exciting project. To be honest, our expectations were quite modest before our visit, but what we encountered there completely exceeded them, reshaping our perception of what’s possible; for once, it’s not a club being turned into houses or shops, it’s the other way round.

Dive into our vlog below for a comprehensive tour, and join us as we explore the incredible evolution of Drumsheds’ space.

Robot Robot and Decoded visit Drumsheds London

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