We get the lowdown on ADE with C-Jay

ADE or Amsterdam Dance Event as it is officially know as, is Europe’s largest music festival and conference spanning over 5 days, 350 000 people, 500 events across 100 venues, all held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Each year the worlds music industry descends on this small city to join conferences, network, broker deals and of course, party!

A stalwart of the ADE is Holland’s very own C-Jay, an industry veteran of over 20 years hosting events with the likes of Dave Seaman, Steve Lawler and Moshic to name a few. This year, Decoded Magazine joins forces the The Sessions owner to host an official closing party with Darin Epsilon and Jaydee at Club NL, one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam. We get an insiders lowdown on what to expect and some tips for first-timers.


Can you explain what ADE is and your involvement with the conference?

ADE is the biggest gathering of anyone involved in dance music or electronic music in general. Producers, labels, promoters; the whole world is here. My involvement for some years is being there in my role as employee for Dutch authors rights organisation Buma/Stemra, as a DJ/producer and as an electronic music lover. Also, I have been hosting the closing nights for Club NL on the Sundays for 3 years now.

This year, you have joined your Sessions party with Decoded Magazine with Darin Epsilon and Jaydee at Club NL. We hear you have run some legendary parties over the years for ADE, can you tell us about some of the most memorable moments?

Honestly, they all have been solid. With guest DJs in the past 3 years like Dave Seaman, Jody Wisternoff, Terry Lee Brown and Guy Mantzur you can’t go wrong. As it is always the closing Sunday of ADE, you can imagine there is madness in every direction.

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ADE is split between conferences and events. What events and conferences would you recommend for a first time visitor?

Personally this year I really wanna see Hans Zimmer but also very excited about Jean Michel Jarre. I have been a follower of his work for over 25 years now. For first time visitors I just say, make sure you make a schedule, otherwise you will miss out on stuff.

A lot is discussed about the importance of networking in the music industry, why do you think ADE has become the most important place to be for anyone wanting to find their way in the industry?

Because of the amount of people who are in the city along with all the workshops, seminars at ADE you will actually get work done, meet people, hand out demos, attend q&a’s and learn many things compared to Miami,where it is all partying.

People in the industry find that attending conferences gives them the opportunity to catch up with industry friends that they would not normally get the opportunity to see. Do you find this is the case for you when at ADE?

In a word ‘YES’! ADE is really the place to be to meet up with people you normally only talk to by email or phone.

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What advice would you give to an artist who wants to hand out music during the event?

Use USB sticks instead of burned CD’s. I remember giving the manager of Sasha an USB stick some years ago and he literally said “no one ever does this, but for me this is THE way to give demos to DJ’s you like nowadays”.  Apparently people still burn CD’s but trust me no label or DJ wants them. Next, don’t be too pushy. When you are lucky enough to meet your favourite DJ or label, give what you wanna give but don’t shout your bio in their ears. As ADE is busy enough for them already, most will listen to your music in the weeks after the conference but are not that interested in your life story while being half drunk in a club and don’t forget to put your address and email details on the stick in a word file.

ADE has so much to offer, but what is the most exciting part of it for you?

This year, Jean Michel Jarre and my own night together with Decoded Magazine at Club NL.

Apart from our closing party on the Sunday at Club NL, what parties are you looking forward to seeing?
John Digweed’s night at Melkweg, Friday.

ADE is spread over 5 days and Amsterdam is such an amazing city, any tips of places to see or do whilst not networking or partying?
Westerpark, to chill –eat or grab a movie.
Waterloopein for 2nd hand, vintage and rarities shopping.
The Jordaan area for drinks and fun
The red light district for …… uhm.. well, just go there.


Is there a point at the conference where you can tell the business stops and crazy times have taken over?

Honestly? No! In most cases business and fun blend, but to give you some idea, most serious business is done between conference daytime hours and at night, business and fun blends.

Lastly, if you had to choose something quintessentially Dutch for people to try whilst in town, what would it be?

Stroopwafels .. I could see weed, but that’s so wide spread around the globe I would say stroopwafels.



Join us on Sunday October 19th at Club NL with Darin Epsilon and Jaydee. To find out more and to get your tickets, click here


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