Adana Twins – Drive / Schiwago

Artist: Adana Twins
Track: Drive/Schiwago
Label: Exploited
Release: 10th April 2014
Genre: House/Deep House/Progressive House
Review by Simon Huxtable

TiP have recently featured the Twins in our mix series, that mix was for me very much a tech house lovers wet dream. But that mix only represents a small selection of their sound. This EP shows off their deeper and more melodic side.

Title track Drive is a vibey house affair with a dense atmospheric pad arrangement and 4 bar piano stab which develops into a delightful reverbed full hook. The track  has a timeless quality about it and Khans’ vocal treatment is very much of the techno style – buried deep in the mix so as to create a further layer in the wall of sound. The main break at 4 minutes is testament to these intelligent Italians production values. It mellows and sways but never loses the energy and when the beat kicks back in the crowd will most certainly be right there with you.

Schiwago on the flip side is equally lush and deep with a more sinister tech flavour. Primarily aimed at those mid set warm up slots it shimmies and shakes along and will tick the boxes for a wide range of DJs. Its the track I’m more likely to play out, but then Im a sucker for deep techy house music!

All in all a solid two tracker with something for everyone.