Alex Niggermann’s label Aeon release Road to Paradise by Speaking Minds

Artist : Speaking Minds
Title : Road to Paradise
Label : Aeon
Release : 27th April 2015
Genre : House / Techno

Speaking Minds return to Aeon with their first EP on the label, after a remarkable appearance as remixers on Dodi Palese’s ‘Black Drop Effects’. Aeon is the new label by Alex Niggemann. It brings us back to Alex’ roots, the music which inspired him to start DJing and also began his career as a producer. This new brand brings together a crew of talented artists, who share the same thoughts about Techno and its way of life, creating one platform to release music that stands for quality and that certain something. Firmly rooted in classic and timeless House/Techno combined with the technical possibilities and influences of today, Aeon’s wide sound palette is seeing an increasing support among DJ’s around the world.

Starting off in fine form with an epic 9 minute opus – ‘JSB’, I was surprised by just how old skool prog this sounded like. Its brilliant! Eerie synth sweeps and a nagging hook drive this beast of a track along, ably blurring the lines between genres in its wake. This is the kind of track, that as a producer, you relish hearing due to the sheer quality of the work put into making it. Right up my street this one.

The Italians continue there masterclass with the second track ‘Yaounde’. This ones a creeper. Starting out innocently enough with a tough beat, it soon develops in to a hypnotic tech crossover with the addition of some brilliant synth play and snappy percussion. An air of melancholy descends over the listener, and I can imagine this working particularly well just as the peak hours arrive, and as the mallet line melodies rise and fall, you’re  entranced. Lastly, we have ‘Paradise’. A more restrained and cerebral track, here the producers have taken their foot off the gas and have allowed the various melodic elements to grow organically. Very much an early warm up track, or if your feeling brave one of those twisted 5am e-moments.

All in all, a great EP from a brilliant new label, snap it up quick!