Allusion & D.Ramirez – So Special EP review

Artist: D.Ramirez & Allusion
Title : So Special/ Love Game
Label : Big Love Records
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

I’ve been a fan of Dean ‘ D.Ramirez’ Marriott for a really long time. Whether it was as The Lisa Marie Experience, Finger Fest or in this guise as D.Ramirez, I used to actively seek out his drum heavy cuts in the early 00s with great aplomb and owned a far few tracks by the time I moved over to CDs. His massive remix of Bodyrox – Yeah Yeah cemented his position among the house music elite, and its good to see him back in the record shops doing what he does so well – groovy drum led house music.

This release with Allusion on Big Love records sees the pair in fine form. Lead track, So Special is a little too commercial for my palette, its bass line is a bit too clean, its hook line a bit too electro house for me; a damn fine track nonetheless. No, my attention is solely on the deeper cut on the B Side called Love Game. Starting innocuously enough with a basic 4/4 house beat, the introduction of the bass line at 30 seconds gets me ready for a jolly good boogie! Staying the right side of cool, we are quickly transported to the break at the 3 minute mark by some deftly handled percussion. If 90s West Coast house and mid 00s Electro had babies, the progeny would sound a bit like this! The keyed hook and vocal refrain in the break all heading towards a climax before the drums spark back into life. This is perfect fodder for the pre club DJs among you looking for an alternative to the club remixes of those ghastly radio friendly unit shifters you have to play. Bravo guys, solid work here!