Amber Long returns to Stripped Digital with Apologies

Artist: Amber Long, Robert Mason, and Decker
Title: Apologies
Remixer: Cid Inc
Label: Stripped Digital
Cat No: 170-SD
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Amber Long’s last outing on the label was alongside Kastis Torrau with the rather awesome “Menace” which was accompanied by a rather impressive King Unique remix. This time she returns with production partner Mason, and Decker which is Stripped Digital’s 170th release.

First up on we have the original version of “Apologies” which is a track that certainly takes no prisoners. The track has a evil low end bassline and groove, and Amber’s mesmerising vocals are weaved in and out like a well crafted stitch. A track that is designed for the dance floor and one you are sure to hear in the sets by the usual progressive and techno suspects.

Next up we have the Cid Inc version of the original. Straight away Cid Inc has gone for a more progressive sound with his rework. The remix sees some great other worldly sounds added, and great use of percussion. He also adds some lovely stabs for good measure. The break is divine, and takes you on a superb journey of warmth and happiness. I would certainly like to hear this bashing out on a big sound system. Top work here, and for good measure Cid Inc has added a dub version of his track in case you want to steer clear of any vocals.

Another fine release on a rather fine label by a group of very fine producers. I did warm more to the Cid Inc reworks but if you like your music with a bit more grunt, the original should do the job nicely. Nice work folks! Very good release!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!