Amber Long & Robert Mason – Run Away review

Artist : Amber Long and Robert Mason
Title : Run Away (Taken from Seasons EP 1: Autumn)
Label: Manual Music
Release : Out Now
Genre: Progressive

Reviewing progressive house isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes the label or the producer are trying too hard to be cool, or different and it back fires on them, sometimes spectacularly. Reviewing music from Manual though is always a pleasure and Amber and Roberts track is a delight. Taken from Manuals new Seasons EP’s Futur-E from Greece, TrockenSaft from Belarus, Paul Rudder from Spain, 2DotZero from Australia and The Canadian team of Amber and Rob showcase exactly what Manual Music is all about: warm electronic music.

Toronto-based Amber Long, has trademarked a sound that is svelte and uniquely hers. She has two other production projects – OPL (Techno) and a live project with boyfriend Robert (Mason Bach) as Beauty and The Breakdown. Amber is starting to get some serious attention with vocal work for Blusoul, Kassey Voorn, Tim Penner and recently Darin Epsilon all making big noises in the promo charts. She also hosts Tech Support on, a weekly show featuring a variety of producers from all around the world. Tech Support has recently been syndicated to Global Mixx Radio from New York City and Amber also has a personal monthly showcase on DNA Concept Radio, broadcasting from Argentina. Signed to a multitude of labels with new releases and collaborations coming regularly, Amber Long is a name to keep an eye on. As Mason Bach, Robert excelled in the minimal and techno scenes of the mid 00s. His energetic live shows garnered top support in his hometown of Toronto and this new production project along side Amber, but also as a solo remixer is proving to be equally successful. Robert sits amongst the top ranks of today’s emerging electronic music producers with his work charting on the Top 100 charts on more than one occasion. He’s carved out a viable niche in the industry, with heavy hitting releases on Bosphorus Underground Recordings, Play Digital, Mintec, Killing Machine, and more crafting a sonic stamp that’s uniquely his own.

Starting with a percussive minimal beat, a specialty of Robert in his Mason Bach guise, the track quickly develops into a blissful deep trancer and Ambers vocal, highly reverberated, acts almost as another synth line. After the first break a deep soulful organ chimes away with minor chords and the track builds further and hypnotises the listener. The somber mood of the music juxtapose with the message in the lyrics – one of facing your fears and hoping for a better tomorrow, which creates a delightful mid set vocal number. Having spent a week with both singer and engineer, I can categorically state, this is merely the beginning for these two insanely talented musicians and I wish them nothing but success. I will be playing this loud and proud for a long while; like I’ve said before the dance floor is a much happier place with a song to sing!