Argentina EP out now on Elevate

Artist: Pig & Dan
Title: Argentina EP
Label: Elevate
Cat. No: ELV020
Release Date: Out now
Genre: Techno/Tech-House

We take a look at Pig & Dan’s brand new release of 2015 on their own Elevate label, an EP titled ‘Argentina’, which once again showcases their genre-breaking, experimental skills in 3 very versatile tracks.

The title track is one that is brimming with a percussive energy that breaks into dark, and intense melodies. Whereas percussion beats are predominant in this track, there are subtle hints of grittier melodies and vocals that tie the entire track together. ‘Argentina’ is one of those tracks that has you instantly addicted, as you go late into the night at a rather smoke-filled warehouse.

Number 2 off this EP is ‘Martians’, which is quite the contrast from ‘Argentina’ – twisted percussion, a slow buildup with teasing synths – and this is just the introduction. In true Pig & Dan style there’s an element of surprise, which leaves you in complete awe of their technical prowess.

Finally, we round off the EP with ‘Shapes On Horizon”, which samples several percussion, complete with synth manipulations. This however, doesn’t even over-complicate the track – in fact it adds a certain kick and dark vibe. Moreover, it is as good a track that could work at peak times as well as the after party sets.

With this 3 track EP, Pig & Dan have pushed the genre boundaries with 3 fresh, out-of-box tracks that have showed off not only their technical prowess, but their ability to push creativity and work around simple, clean melodies, which still pack in quite the punch.

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