Balcazar – Heart Wide Open EP

Artist : Balcazar
Title : Heart Wide Open EP
Remixers : Miguel Puente, Issac
Label : We Are Here Music
Cat No : WAHM007
Released : 01/09/2014

Mexico’s got it going on with ‘We Are Here Music’ label heating things up with back to back releases that are bow worthy. Coming in September this 2 track EP titled, ‘Heart Wide Open’, Original Mix by Balcazar is a celebration of underground goodness. With spacey bass fumes and a super chunky melody pad, its audacious musicality is mixed with a deep hypnotic muscle and multi-layered FX in the back ground, winding around in slow motion. The shaking feel and wispy quality of this tune can only help you make a beeline for the floor. The title tune gets a re-work from Mexican producer Miguel Puente, his version is grimier and quite the fierce number. The track moves on with mind numbing tension punctuated with staccato bass fills and tinkling pads doing its thing to get you ape faced. There’s a caressing darkness and sinewy weaving of atmospherics which can only garner aural love.

The second offering, ‘Hoist Point’ by Balcazar rolls out with a shimmering shiny bass end, slabs of discordant stringy bleeps, clips and eerie chords compliment and merge in with each other wonderfully, that stretching FX fixes on to the speakers, and then it’s all radiance and oddly moving. This tune revels in open space, letting its beats reverberate into infinity with a few volume shifts that shake you from potential reverie. Hurrying in to the back of the pack there’s a remix by Issac thrown in which propels the track on with a staccato woody, drum like pattern and slicing fissures of grainy low end and breezy block beats hitting the listener in the guts. Love it!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.