Christian Lamper – Break Away EP

Artist : Christian Lamper
Title : Break Away EP
Label : Sub_Urban
Cat No : SU007
Release : Out Now
Genre : House

On their latest release, Sub_Urban treat us to more excellent and considerate house vibes, the likes of which we really can’t grow tired off. This time about, Christian Lamper is the protagonist, and thanks to the two originals that he delves and comes up trumps with, this EP is a triumph right from the offset.

The off-kilter strands of ‘Break Away’ are first up. Bittersweet hues lead the charge, while twinkle-toed melodies add a sprinkle of magic to the heady equation. ‘Surroundings’ shows the other side to the producer’s arsenal, as it relies on a bevy of more elaborate intricacies to rule the day.

Of the remixes on show, Sebas Ramis & Campaner come out on top. Their take on ‘Break Away’ is a fine one, as they run their scalpel over it in a manner that delightfully pays homage to the merits of the original whilst still putting a new spin on things. Guri & Gaol’s remix, meanwhile, is another effective one, as they stay positive with their interpretation. Delightful and charming stuff for summer time floors.

About the Author

A house music veteran, growing up with the sound before it was even called ‘house music’. A successful DJ and producer in his own right, an ex-label and record shop owner. It’s safe to say house and techno music has been a large part of James’ life for longer than most of today’s clubbers have been alive. Despite being a self-confessed ‘underground monkey’ James appreciates the adage ‘house is a feeling’, and that the scene is all about bringing people together no matter what sound you’re in to."