Circle Music head Alex Flatner to release exclusive mix to celebrate 10 yr anniversary

Artist : Alex Flatner
Title : Circle: 10 years
Label : Circle Music
Release : June 12th 2015
Cat No : Circle 016-2
Genre : House / Techno

Some people crave the public adulation and trappings of stardom that a successful career in the electronic music industry can bring. Others are too busy being creative to worry about such trivial things. Occasionally, you find artists who’ve spent their entire careers patiently carving out a good living just under the radar. People who create incredible productions, feature on exciting labels and at legendary club venues. People like Alex Flatner.

“After a decade I am so proud that I have been able to sign so many amazing artists and also found new friends, too. It is definitely a gift for me to be able to do what I do. Circle Music is not just a label to which I am dedicated – it has been for the last 10 years definitely a very big part of my life. I want to thank you all – Artists, Promoters, Fans and Friends – for 10 great Circle Music Years!” – Alex Flatner

Mannheim-based label boss, DJ, producer and A&R maven Alex has spent a hyper-productive decade releasing standout singles and albums by some of the most talented electronic artists around, joining the dots between a myriad of musical styles, alongside his own highly distinctive productions. 2015 sees Alex Flatner mark Circle Music’s landmark10 Years by compiling and mixing a superb selection of exclusive productions from some of the label’s talented family and also introduce some exciting new names to the party. Referencing past achievements, but with an eye (and an ear) firmly on the future, this is a creative mix of both the subtle and the stupendous.

Starting out with the visceral grooves of collaboration track ‘See You Next Saturday’ with Blue Amazon, Alex very quickly establishes this as a mix with one foot on the dance floor at all times. And with artists as talented and diverse as SLOK, George Morel, Hermanez and Lopazz nestled together with consummate ease, its clear to see Alex is no slouch in the DJ booth. The vibe of the CD veers seamlessly from deep chunky house to acid flecked naughtiness with the flick of a cross fader. ‘Life Arise’ by SLOK stands out early as a highlight, the spoken word vocal a call to arms. This is a groovy CD. Something to put on to get ready to, or at afterparties: Its appeal is universal.

As a long time music junkie, its CDs like this that reaffirm my desire for new music, and in todays age of digital distribution, its really pleasing to hear music that not only have I never heard, but never heard about. You kick yourself too, because its of a standard many labels never fully achieve and its here in spades. The playfully titled ‘Fatboy Thin’ by Kotelett & Zodak strips away the bass heaviness for a moment to allow us breathing time, but its brief as House legend George Morel soon ups the pace with ‘The Chase’ a frenetic percussive cut filled with tension, orchestral hits and a lifetime of studio craft.

Shortly after, Ioakim Sayz takes us down a stab led tech crossover path and we’re in to the peak time. Blissful pads then fill our ears as ‘Somewhere’ by David Jach and Cari Golden is brought in. For a prog head like me, this one piqued my interest. Rolling bass and a repetitive keyed hook keep the pace up; its spoken word female vocal transcending the listener in to a dream world realm of endless possibilities. And before long we hit the back straight with the irrepressible Lopazz with Casio Casino and the rather tasty ’Three – O Three’. Another ode to the classic house sound that spawned a generation of dance music fanatics.

Many lesser DJs would then have fired on all cylinders for the climatic final tracks of the mix, but Alex has opted here to funk things up considerably before ending the CD on a deeper, blissed out note. Hence stand out tracks like Julian Ganzer’s epic ‘Back2Back’ and Erhan Kesen’s brilliant ’Secret Lover’ are given the right amount of space to breath and flourish.

Digital freaks have the extended bonus of Der Effekt’s menacing ‘Solo Man’, featuring a stunning vocal contribution from collaborator Mehrklang (their debut Reloaded EP has already been a label highlight in 2015); the sparse, percussive ‘Get Right’ by martínek (who has been in the Circle Family for the past 4 years); superb swirling delights in the form of ‘Myriad’ from rising UK star and previous label debutante Jadele; and the decidedly twisted ‘Sodium Channel’ from Pav Parotte – four excellent reasons to stay locked into the Circle 10 Years party vibe for a while longer. But the party doesn’t end here! Circle Music is now embarking on a worldwide tour… details to follow!

CD Tracks:
01. Alex Flatner & Blue Amazon – See You Next Saturday
02. Chris Venola – Spacedoma
03. SLOK – Life Arise
04. Junk Yard Rhythm Section – Louisiana Hayride
05. Kotelett & Zadak – Fatboy Thin
06. George Morel – The Chase
07. Hermanez – Ginder
08. Ioakim Sayz – Joker
09. David Jach – Somewhere feat. Cari Golden
10. LOPAZZ & Casio Casino – Three-O-three
11. Warren Fellow – Reflexion
12. Patrick Podage – Don’t Know My Style
13. Julian Ganzer – Back2Back
14. Erhan Kesen – Secret Lover

Digital Bonus Tracks:
15. Der Effekt feat. Mehrklang – Solo Man
16. martínek – Get Right
17. Jadele – Myriad
18. Pav Parrotte – Sodium Channel