Artist : Conures

Title : Neptunes EP

Label : ONDE

Cat : ITER0006

Release : Feb 7th 2014

Genre : Deep House

Review by Andy Howarth

The lesser-known Conures arrive on the  ONDE imprint with this glorious EP filled to the brim with lush tropical vibes and warm atmospherics. If you’re of the ‘Lee Burridge’ persuasion, you might want to take note of the following.

The Neptunes EP begins it’s opening salvo with ‘Neptune Blues’, and it’s clear from the offset that the flavour of the release is very much centred around the construction and development of the melodies. Huge synth washes and heavily reverbed vox samples pepper the track and envelop the listener. In fact, it’s quite easy to get drawn into the track and imagine yourself sprawled out on a sun lounger on a tropical beach in some far-flung country. Tone Float have been drafted in for the remix, and have played it safe with a remix that retains most of the key elements of the original, yet with the addition of a slightly bulkier bassline and some slightly Housier percussion.

EP closing track ‘Echo Sounder’ is much of the same… beautifully ethereal sidechained chords rubbing shoulders with placid beat arrangements. The delicate piano keys are a nice addition to what is an expertly crafted piece of music, and in a world where absolutely everything is labelled as ‘Deep House’ these days, it’s extremely refreshing to listen to music that genuinely seems to fit the bill.

Superb stuff from Conures, you have my attention.

About the Author

Born of the Oxfordshire countryside, Andy has always preferred the quaint aspects of life around a historic city to the hustle and bustle of places like London or Birmingham. That said, the desire to satisfy his thirst for live music has led to him fleeing the tranquility of rural life on a regular basis, in favour of regions where the nightlife doesn't have to come to an abrupt end at 3am.