Diynamic present Four To The Floor Part 3

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Four to the Floor Part 03
Label: Diynamic
Catalogue Number: DIY075
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: House

Actively, Diynamic retains an invincible hold on dance music, the Hamburg label releases an essential compilation featuring new talent. A brand new series of four Various Artists EPs called “Four To The Floor”; four EPs with four tracks each, focussing on the dancefloor. The third instalment unleashes a hefty bunch of performers, keeping things tight and lustrous.

“D33P, Jos & Eli – Galactica” harnesses short tempo bursts of bass and a cleverly arranged funk line over a deep pulsing melodic pad, that swerves around clipped steady beats. Yet, as a variation the synth is wondrously open from below. It’s one of those head down, move hips number, the one you quietly make your own.

“Israeli duo Audio Junkies – Bansky” on the other side, perpetrates motion but of an outward kind. The flirty synth courses around tugging your heart strings here and there. A loping meandering bass accompanies the tune steadfast and strong. The sting though comes from the finger drumming pattern that slides around to a nicety.

“Hobo – Mirage” deftly navigates you to it’s tingling warmth and wraps you up in dubby urgency. As delicate as a flower budding slowly towards the sun, an assortment of bells and flute flurries take control, matching the incessant bass pattern. Trippy African Vocals flutter on the surface, skipping and joyful.

“Jobb & Corco – African Ballad” is impressively rock solid. The bass line of this one, roiling for a better word, punches through and the track is impossible not to dance to. The tongue in cheek clashes, polished synth glitch is amazing to hear. Characteristically Tribalish with a sloppy beat, meets up with a muted melody pattern and instantly invigorates you.

All four cuts, work, and stand distinct from each other and from anything else out there. The tracks are interesting enough to stand up to repeated plays for those of the proper mindset. Enterprising DJs looking to add something new to their crates could do far worse than sprinkling this release in their sets.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.