Drew Hill – Talk To You

Artist : Drew Hill
Title : Talk To You
Remixers : Brodanse/Groove Armada
Label : Danse Club Records
CAT NO : dcr014
Released : 15.08.2014
Genre : House/Deep House

Arriving on Danse Club Records this month is this new release from UK-based duo Drew Hill. Having recently appeared on James Zabiela’s Born Electric imprint, the pair are back with their new track ‘Talk To You’, alongside a couple of remixes to round off the EP.

The track is a fairly breezy inoffensive Deep House number, with repeated vox snippets and downtempo synth stabs taking centre stage throughout. The playful bassline rolls along nicely, and gives the track a reasonably bouncy feel to it, although the individual elements don’t really culminate in anything more than a summertime head-nodder that’s suitable for the terrace, so it might be advisable to head elsewhere if you’re in search of peak-time material.

Label-bosses Brodanse are on hand to deliver a dub remix that retains many of the key components of the original, but marry them with a chunkier rolling bassline and a stack-load of reverb that’s carefully applied to the vocals. The percussion is also firmed up, and the end result is a more pumped up and pacey reworking of Drew Hill’s original. Definitely a strong cut.

It’s clear they’ve gone all out for their third guest remixer, as the mighty Groove Armada step up to the plate with a cracking piano-driven brute of a House track. Clearly high on the recent successes of the likes of Paul Woolford, Ejeca, Citizen and the like, GA dive straight in with the old-school keys to great effect. It’s common knowledge that the sounds of yesteryear have played no small part in House music’s recent resurgence in interest, and this remix will no doubt find its way into the record cases of DJs across Ibiza this summer. If you’re planning on visiting some of the more discernible dancefloors of the world, you’ll probably hear this at some stage, although grab it now before the Nick Grimshaw’s of the world discover it and decide they’re going to hammer it to death.

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