Drogo – Phobos/Deimos

Artist : Drogo
Title : Phobos/Deimos
Label : CitySeven Music
Release: 6th October 2014
Remixers : Dubb Disko & Several Definitions
Genre : Techno

With 7 fantastic releases under their belt, the fledgling London based CitySeven Music rides a wave of success many similarly aged labels could only dream of. Headed by the irrepressible Luke Brancaccio, who has an impressive back catalogue of tracks himself, including remixes of seminal classics James Holden – One for You, Sphere – Gravi-Tech and Photon Inc – Generate Power, brings the label a much needed foot up in an industry drowning under its own weight. Given his A list credentials and unwavering vision for the continued success of the label, it was with some delight I opened up my promo inbox this morning to find his latest release by newcomer Drogo. It was with even more glee that I discovered who this producer was; a good pal of mine from Bristol. I really had no clue he had written these tracks, let alone sent them off and been accepted to CitySeven!

Drogo is Adam Kent, a long time friend of Decoded Magazine and one of the original DJs chosen to launch our previous site – This is Progressive. South African born, but very much UK based, Adam has been producing for a while now as part of duo Mariana. Since going solo as himself, he has had some success with tracks on Pro-B-Tech, but this, his first track as Drogo, sees him heading down a much more techno inspired path. Needless to say, the tracks, named after 2 moons which orbit Mars, are spectacular. Both are crisply produced, infectiously hypnotic and will surely do very well with those that know.

Phobos starts awash with eerie noises and otherworldly radio fuzz before a well defined 909 drum breaks through to lead the charge. As the elements slowly come into focus over the first few minutes a tribal groove is established creating a hypnotic vibe which scarcely prepares you for the eerie breakdown around 3 minutes. The result of which can roughly be surmised as the lovechild of an illicit affair between the Chemical Brothers circa 1999 and Belgian electro/techno crossover gods 2ManyDJs! Its just insane! Energised like a certain fluffy bunny, my attention turns to the second original track -Deimos. Immediately I’m impressed; another perfectly EQ-ed drum line, Adam has clearly been enjoying the fruits of his labours with the new Roland TR-8 he bought recently! A slow burner over the first few bars, this track suddenly jolts into life around the two minute mark with a perfectly judged bass line. Again, theres a sense of madness created by the crazy synth shots that fire off relentlessly, but all comes into focus with a dreamy pad and keyed hook. Very Detroit, and wouldn’t sound out of place in a Sasha set or indeed a Funk D’Void one. A brilliant package already, and I haven’t even got to the remixers!

Dubb Disko and Several Definitions both provide very different takes on the techno original. Dubb Disko heads down a more progressive house path utilising the tribal rhythms but adding more melodic touches and a massive reese like bass line which give the track as a whole more wide spread appeal transforming it into a late night drug fuelled beast of a tune! Sure to be popular with a variety of jocks, this is the kind of track which can up the energy of a tired dance floor and completely reinvigorate the room. Several Definitions (Keith from Radi & Keith fame), strips the track back to create a real Panorama bar vibe which just grooves along nicely. Here the eerie noises are used interestingly along side pad swells and saw toothed bass wizardry, the resultant whole; a majestic late night melodic techno workout.

By far the best thing I’ve heard this week, including my own productions! Miss this at your peril.