Escapism EP by Einerlei out now

Artist: Einerlei
Title: Escapism EP
Label: Slipstone Records
Released: Out Now!
Catalog Number: SLIPSTONE002
Genre: Techno

Slipstone Records is the freshest label to come out of Leeds in recent times, and have taken the onus of presenting techno in a more soulful and melodic way with their latest offering titled, “Escapism”. The entire EP makes way for Einerlei to showcase his work. A true young talent, yet he knows none of the rough edges of a newbie. Taking intelligent musicality in to his stride, Einerlei gives us three tracks, with a remix from Kesper thrown in for good measure.

The artist in the spot light unleashes a glistening, crystalline melodic verve, with the first of the three tracks, “Sind Wir Echt Frei?” that’s outlined by the all pervasive sometimes moody, somewhat wonky synth which in turn trifles around with a big bassy exterior. The vocal presence is sublimely ostentatious, haunting ones ears to submission. The drummy introduction in the middle cavorts itself in to the layers of all the rest of the goings on, and the result is fascinating to say the least.

“Berg” on the other hand is big booming bass centered fare. Draping melodic percussion against a variety of back drops, like the rolling synth, the beats that are upright and bright, the clappy, and squalling interplay of twisted riffs spinning out and about. It’s all complex, yet the track comes across as light and engaging with harmonics pumping away in the back. Out and facing “Ensnared”, slows the feelings down, with its pingles only just so. Thereafter it jump starts with minimalism in it’s fold. The clinking sits comfortably across the wailing Vocals, that burn your ears with its sweetness. The shiny open bass creates the back bone of this wonderful track.

Showing us out “Berg” comes on again with the label’s new find Kesper, giving us a thudding remix. There’s something “quirkily” old school about the tone of his handiwork. A gruff over bearing face meets with caverns of space, preset clicks and a frothy synth line, gives way to a haunting melody line driven by a jack hammer stabbing bass.

In short a gleaming outing by all with this one!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.