Fasika – 4th Law Of Motion

House music has never been more popular than it is now, which means every man and his dog wants a go at making it. Once such producer who is much slicker than your average is DC based beatsmith Fasika, who here comes correct with four booming jams that are basically impossible not to love.

The US producer clearly knows his history and that’s reflected in some of the jams here, and across the EP he goes deep, pumping, main room and late night with equal élan. It’s The Tropics that bangs the hardest in fact, right at the end of the EP, with piqued synth stabs, gurgling lines buried deep and plenty of boom and bap in his hits. Parkway is a more colourful and elastic jam that twist and turns with slick seductive ease, Lighthouse is all about the classic organ stabs and Arhtropoda is a nimble, light footed number that keeps you on your toes for the duration. Thus is house music with real charm and it needs to be turned up loud to be best enjoyed.

About the Author

A house music veteran, growing up with the sound before it was even called ‘house music’. A successful DJ and producer in his own right, an ex-label and record shop owner. It’s safe to say house and techno music has been a large part of James’ life for longer than most of today’s clubbers have been alive. Despite being a self-confessed ‘underground monkey’ James appreciates the adage ‘house is a feeling’, and that the scene is all about bringing people together no matter what sound you’re in to."