My Favourite Freaks Music welcome and Yost Koen

Artist: and Yost Koen
Title: Here We Are EP
Label: My Favourite Freaks Music
Cat No: My Favourite Freaks Music 004
Release Date: Coming Soon!
Genre: TechHouse/Techno

My Favourite Freak Music welcome and Yost Koen for the label’s fourth release. The release EP is titled “Here We Are”, and it is certainly not a release for those looking for some laid back house grooves!!!

First up we have the original mix of the track “Here We Are” by and Yost Koen. This is a peak time set number driven by some simply awesome percussion, great stabs, and a groove that would probably kill an elephant. A superb way to open an EP, and certainly one for those looking for a very fine mix between peak time techno, and relentless grooves. Check out the break on this track as well!!! EVIL!

Next up we have the track “Into Darkness” which is very much of the same ilk as the first track. Again this is peak time stuff but please don’t mistake that for a bad thing! The track is filled with a squelchy low end bass, and rave style stabs! Really like how this track fuses, rave, house and techno! A truly savage composition here, and certainly a track I want to here on the dance floor!

The third track on the EP sees Hermanez’s take on “Here We Are”. As you can imagine Hermanez makes it more of a tech house number and removes some of the aggression from the original track. I really like what he has done with his remix, and the way he choses to use a lot of the original components but just with his stamp. Very nice rework, and perfect warmup fodder for those tech house, and techno sets.

Next up we get the Rhadow remix of “Here We Are”. Again things are taken more down the housey route, and away from the relentless techno sound. Rhadow creates his typical awesome house grooves and low end bass sounds. This is certainly a track I would expect the likes of Richie Hawtin to be all over at the moment. Simple but very effective!

The final track is the Hernmaez dub version of “Here We Are”. Again, as with his full remix, a track that is full of groove, and those superbly thought out Hermanez style cymbal rides. Nice work!

A pack that is filled to the brim with tech house and techno delights. If you like your grooves a little darker, and filled with attitude you will be all over this like a tramp on chips! Go check it out folks. Well worth a listen!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!