Gabriel Ben – Detroit 500

Artist: Gabriel Ben
Name: Detroit 500
Label: Toolroom Trax
Cat No: TRX001
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 06/10/2014

After recently announcing the #Reset concept, Toolroom branches out with Toolroom Trax, which is a forward thinking label that will focus on quality tech-house and techno, and add an innovative arm to the already massive Toolroom label.

The first release comes from the likes of America’s Gabriel Ben (one half of Tattoo Detectives), who has created a track that encapsulates exactly the essence of what Toolroom Trax will stand for. Detroit 500 is a pure techno monster, which has been hammered out by Carl Cox throughout the summer season, and it showcases why Gabriel is one of Techno’s most prolific artists.

Detroit 500 starts out with a groove that does not disappoint but beware, this is not for the faint-hearted. This is techno at its finest with a high-octane energy that is perfect for a peak time techno set.

Infused into this track is subtle tribal-like sounding beats, which work magically into that infectious groove. Claps and synth percussions are prevalent at key moments, but used in a way that it does not overpower the track. Building the track without being anti-climactic is no easy feat, but Gabriel has done it with a fair amount of panache. More complicated is adding melodies that don’t digress from the core of the track, which has been done with ease and add to the track’s unique flair.

The interesting point to note is the riff. A few chord changes, a few tweaks, and unique melodic synth pads have shown Gabriel’s technical prowess, and unique sense of sound. There are moments in the track where you think you know what to expect, but are completely taken by surprise with the direction it takes. Toolroom Trax is a label that is run by DJs for DJs and boasts the highest quality of intelligent dance music, and this maiden release solidifies and encapsulates the best of the best in techno.

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