Hodgson – Babylon System EP

Artist : Hodgson
Title : Babylon System/ One Spliff
Label : Jeudi Records
Cat No : JEU014
Release : 21st July 2014
Genre : House, Tech House, Rasta House

Hodgson’s story starts like many young producers in Britain; influenced by his older brother’s taste in music. After learning to DJ in his teens, he quickly found the vibes of the London housing estate he lived on satisfied his musical sensibilities. Afro-Carribean sounds of Dub, Dancehall, and Roots filled the air and later made way for Hip Hop, UK Garage and Drum n Bass/Jungle. Pirate radio stations popped up all over the place and were the soundtrack for many in the late 90s and early 00s. A teenaged Hodgson began producing on his Playstation with games like Music 2000, and following a natural progression to PC, he used Reason to make his first tunes which were inspired by the early dubstep scene starting to come alive in his neighbourhood. It was in fact at University and with the help of his girlfriends brother that Patrick really got into house music. He loved the atmosphere of the London house scene – jubilant and happy, it made such a change from the DnB scene he had come from which was moody and edgy. Under the name Patrick Bodhi and Frankie J Dickens, the duo released their first track, a chilled disco house number called ‘Same Old Story’ on Jeudi Records in 2012. The duo disbanded shortly after and Patrick set out on his own. Here then after much rigorous dance floor testing by Label heads Adana Twins, Doctor Dru and Davide, Jeudi Records are proud to present the Babylon System EP.

The title track – Babylon System is a taut vocal house workout with a wonderfully catchy main riff and dark thought provoking lyrics. The baseline bubbles away under a carefully constructed percussion arrangement allowing the whole song to take on an almost otherworldly vibe. Its potential as a summer hit is undeniable, its catchy, connects with its audience and is utterly danceable. Its already a big track for the Adana Twins and is getting a lot of attention from House jocks around the world.

One Spliff on the ‘B’ Side, is a totally different affair. Based heavily on one of his prized 7 inch Dub records by Billy Boyo, Hodgson attempts to bridge the gap between House and Jungle. He does a superb job, but Im pretty biased have grown up in the South West of England surrounded by a massive Drum n Bass scene myself. This very much reminds me of the enormous baseline tracks of James Holden and Kosmas Epsilon and the whole speed garage genre which rose and fell in the summer of 1997. Its a crowd pleaser of the highest order and will sit proudly on my hard drive for at least the rest of the year.

Hodgson’s sound is fresh and unique, and like a certain Andre Sobota, his involvement with other genre’s and his attention to detail will ensure this hot new producer’s career will skyrocket this year.