Jesse Rose – The Whole Twelve Inches

Artist: Jesse Rose
Title: The Whole Twelve Inches
Label: Play It Down
Release Date: 12/02/14
Catalogue Number: PIDCD001

Any keen observers of Jesse Rose’s output will all tell you the same thing: the LA based producer always does things on his own watch. While his is a meticulous way of working, it’s also one that’s come to fruition over the years with considerable success. While it might be somewhat unfair to label Rose a veteran of house music at this rate, his influence on the scene is unquestionable; so much so that he’s packed a lot into the past decade. From high-profile residencies in Berlin at two of the city’s foremost nightspots, to residencies on home-turf in fabric as well as a heaving discography and two labels, Made to Pay and Play it Down, it’s tempting indeed to wonder if Rose ever rests.

And if you’ve wondering what he’s been up to production wise over the past while, then here is your answer, with the stunning The Whole Twelve Inches a beguiling snapshot of the main mans many talents behind the production desk. A concept album (of sorts), there are twelve tracks on show here, with one released every month over the course of the past year. It’s a unique way of working that pays dividends here, and added to that, there’s also the fact that it features twelve club-ready tracks rather than some of the unnecessarily filler that can eventually pervade house music LPs.

There are many different offerings on show here too, and Rose – for the most part at least – has jettisoned the vague electro stylings that served him so well over the years. Analogue number ”Alone” is a warm, fuzzy number that sounds plucked straight out of downtown Detroit, while ”Shuffle The Paper” could well be a sample of an old Chic riff. In short, the influences abound from the first beat to the last, but much like he always does, Rose puts his own inimitable stamp on proceedings. Other worth checking out high-points include ”When We Heard Solid Groove”, Rose’s homage to the man also known as Switch, and ”Underbelly”, a real stirring, epic and grandiose soundtrack-type affair. True, there are occasionally less inspiring moments, but on the whole, this is an album that’s to be savoured. That move to LA has quite obviously served Mr.Rose very well indeed.

About the Author

A house music veteran, growing up with the sound before it was even called ‘house music’. A successful DJ and producer in his own right, an ex-label and record shop owner. It’s safe to say house and techno music has been a large part of James’ life for longer than most of today’s clubbers have been alive. Despite being a self-confessed ‘underground monkey’ James appreciates the adage ‘house is a feeling’, and that the scene is all about bringing people together no matter what sound you’re in to."