JJ Grant – Who Are You Review

Artist : JJ Grant
Title : Who Are You
Remixer : Andrew Best
Label : Terminology Records
Cat No : TERM016
Release : 6th October 2014
Genre : Deep House/Progressive

London based record label Terminology is regarded by those in the know as one of the most exciting, new and prosperously infectious imprints in dance music today. Focusing their attention to detail on underground house, they have steadily built a decent roster of artists and an equally ardent army of music fans. Here we see Detroit native, JJ Grant hot from releases with Mistique Music, Old SQL and LuPS making his debut on Terminology with the rhetorically titled Who Are You.

The original starts brightly with a skippy hat line and some warm pads and vocal sweeps giving the first minute an inviting depth of sound. With the introduction of the baseline comes a perfect balance of danceability and funk, and by the break at around 3 minutes Im completely transfixed. This is as good a deep house/progressive cross over track as I’ve heard in ages and wouldn’t feel out of place in a Digweed/Saiz/Cattaneo set. As the synth lines bubble and play off each other we are swept up in a vibe reminiscent to the early Dousk works of his first album DIY, its that sunny, breezy beach vibe he became well known for thats the order of the day here, and as I write this review, with the rain lashing down outside, Im transported to a sunny beach in the Med.

Andrew Best, resident DJ at You Belong and A&R man supreme for Terminology turns JJ’s summer house track into a more mid set club track here. The opening few minutes serve as a tool to mix with little drama and a solid kick and percussion section rounded of with those familiar pads. The break at 1 min 30 provides a perfect place to introduce the bass which is the main focus point for this track. Aimed straight at the hips, this is a remix intended to up the energy of the room, which it does in spades. The break midway through is intelligent and uses stabs and pads to great effect. These are continued throughout the latter half of the track with the edition of a further acidic top line. As with the start, Andrew has given the DJ plenty of time to mix out and this will appeal to a cross section of jocks who play on the more melodic side.

A great package, and I’ll certainly be playing the remix for a while to come.