Artist : Kastis Torrau Feat. Amber Long
Name : Menace EP
Label : Stripped Recordings
Cat No : 143-SR
Release: 12/05/2014
Genre : Progressive
Review by Ian French

Stripped Recordings really have decided to get the heavyweights out for this release. Kastis Torrau doesn’t need much of an introduction with DJs like Sasha, Nick Warren and Dave Seaman big supporters of his music, and labels such as Perspectives Digital, Hope Recordings, Last Night On Earth and Pro-B-Tech Records signing his tracks, you know what to expect.

First up is Kastis Torrau’s original which originally started life off as an instrumental over a year ago. It was then turned into a bootleg that never really saw much daylight, which was great news for Norman Hines at Stripped Recordings who was a huge fan of the track. He introduced Kastis and Amber Long and to quote Norman himself “the rest as they say is history”. The original begins with some simple percussion before a huge growling baseline appears from nowhere, which works so well and I can imagine would ignite any dance floor. Amber’s lovely deep vocal weaves in and out as the track begins to pick up pace with some lovely subtle cymbal rides and stabs. The more I listen to her vocal the more I fall in love with this track. The break is simple but what it does it does very well and then that unforgettable baseline slaps you in the face again as the track kicks! All round superb six and half minute progressive house beauty.

Next up we have the King Unique remix and this man certainly does not need any form of an introduction. Everything this man touches seems to turn to gold and this is no exception. Matt’s version does contain a lot more percussion than the original but uses the same growling baseline. His version is more of a breaks sounding track with complex beats and percussion throughout. What I love about this version is the melody that Matt weaves in and out in an almost hypnotic way. What can I say here besides you need to listen to this remix. As expected a very strong and complex production from the man of the moment King Unique. To quote my fellow This Is Progressive A&R man, “miss this at your peril” and I have to agree with him.

It doesn’t matter which of the tracks you go for here, as they are both going to do the job on any progressive dance floor. I must admit I personally do sway more to the original but the King Unique mix is superb and a little different to what you might normally hear from him. Great signing by Norman that all you prog fans need to add to your music collection!!!

About the Author

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