Our Loving Sun Album Review

Artist: Our Loving Sun
Title: Our Loving Sun
Label: Artist
Release: Out Now
Genre: Ambient/Chill Out/Shoegaze

Self Titled “Our Loving Sun” is a spanking fresh album collaboration project between ambient scene setters Anders Ilar (Sweden) & Chris H. Jones alias Yard (USA), with vocals from The Futureless singer, Shawn Tucker (Canada). The entire spectrum of the pack features nine incredibly delectable tracks that show case a rich tapestry of influences from Synthpop, Dark Wave & Ambient through to Dub Techno and Acid.

“Come Apart”, fits neatly in avant-garde fashion to get the proceedings off to a mellifluous subtle start , smoky dreamy vocalism floats around like light in the room, the bass arrangement in accompaniment is sublime, Guitar flecked clouds caress you with its ambient soothing beauty. ”To Disappear” stills one in, with inverted tinkles of piano and synthy curvatures in parts. In particular, the track surrounds itself with a yearning for a lost era wistfully so, picking up speed and keeping you interested till the end. Moving head long towards “Time After Time” widens up the mood by being lesser intimate and emotional, even though the beautiful sadness is still profound in the entire bearing, the bass cascades around haunting Vocals with a languorous stride and the electronic machinery just doubles over and drives it so.

Next up “Slow Walk” transports the listener to a bleak arctic soundscape that has rakes of reverberant bubbles, acidic in nature. The Vocals break through the surface of this glacial 303 deep ambient immersion and steams up the cracks of a wintry facade. “The I Am” whistles like the wind and has a searing piano pattern with rhythmic knotty fissures, on top of a laid-back chilled out vibe. Followed up by “Our Kind” presenting an upfront haughty face, with it’s sonic oasis of skanking bassline and relentless deep fjord of an aquatic echo line. To see the album to it’s end are three glorious tracks “Broken Images” that has shudders of Bass and Guitar goodness all murky and stark atmospherics in the middle. “One Source” is built on a minimal palette, but there’s lots going on with the 303 rearing its head again, the kick and dark room feel makes you wanna give in. The damage this track does is fantastic to hear. “Face Toward The Sun” shows you out with it’s emotive vocals, fluidity of motion, that of a lucid urban dream.

The volume knob will play an important part of hearing this latest outing from the collaborative efforts of Anders Ilar and Yard, as over the course of the entire album there’s uninterrupted compositions of high quality dubwise reductionist glory. Purity of sound, vocals, hiss of special musicality and a landscape full of rife tension.

The album is exclusively available to buy at http://ourlovingsun.bandcamp.com/album/album

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.