Luke Branccacio ft. Abi presents Idyll – Paradisal (Stop The Clock Remix)

Artist :Luke Brancaccio Feat. Abi Presents Idyll
Title : Paradisal (Stop the Clock Remix)
Label : Anticodon
Release : TBC
Genre : Deep Progressive

Yesterday I received an email from Luke Brancaccio in which he outlined a brand new project to me and asked if I wanted a listen. Well, I was curious so I said yes. When I saw this track is my promo inbox, I was, to be fair, a little skeptical. Luke Brancaccio is a very accomplished producer, but not every thing he makes is my cup of tea. This track though by Idyll is perfect for me. Idyll is a new cross-continent electro-organic act based in Northern USA and forestal Sweden and the tune, in its stop the clock guise sounds like nothing else out there right now. Indeed this is the debut release for a brand new label called Anticodon and at time of press, that is pretty much all the information I have. When this release finally does see the light of day, you can expect remixes from Futuristic Polar Bears and A_ldric alongside the original track.

Starting with an ambient intro the track gradually builds a head of steam with some expertly arranged drums and a wonderfully off kilter skippy hat line which appears to change rhythm by magic. The thunderous bass kicks in around the 2 minute mark and the breathes a new energy into the track, Luke also, throughout the first 3 minutes, employs a neat trick of inputting a quarter bar of silence at every 32 bars to deftly add some tension, indeed by 2 minutes you’re actually expecting it and I began to bounce in my chair accordingly.

As the vocal kicked in I was blown away! This will easily sit at the front of my CD wallet to become a staple of my summertime sets and if I were to choose another track by way of comparison, I would probably opt for Sasha’s remix of UNKLE – In a State. It really is that good.