Marc Houle – Cola Party

Artist : Marc Houle
Title : Cola Party
Label : Items & Things
Cat No : IT030
Release : 4th July 2014
Genre : Techno, Electro, New Wave

For me Canadian techno artist Marc Houle came into focus during Steve Mac’s outstanding Radio 1 Essential Mix in 2008, where he started with the wacky, off kilter Meatier Shower. I listened in utter amazement at the way in which he had manipulated a computer and some samplers to make such an original and incredibly danceable music. Inspired by the sounds of Detroit techno and Chicago house, as many Canadian artists will say, Marc Houle straddles the two district sounds with elements of New Wave (an 80s electro pop sound) and classic Rock. Houle’s sound is an unmistakable blend of electro and quirky techno. Originally on Richie Hawtins’ Minus label, Marc set up his own imprint – Items & Things in 2006 as a Minus sub label with only one release a year until 2009. But in the summer of 2011, along with Troy Pierce and Magda, Houle left Minus to pursue his own musical direction.

This then, his sixth studio album – Cola Party, comes as a long awaited follow up to his well received 2012 LP called Undercover. As an album, it contains all the elements fans and followers have grown to love with every Marc Houle release; his signature take on techno and jacking minimalistic-funk shines through from start to finish. If anything, the album is a clear example that Houle is still at the top of his game after more than 10 years in the business.

As a bonus for digital DJs and Traktor users worldwide, the album will be part of the Native Instruments’ Traktor Remix Set series in July. The stems of 7 of the tracks from the album will be on this Remix Set release, following on from an array of other well-known artists who have done the same since the Remix Set series’ inception in Autumn 2012.

1. Over The Top
2. I Don’t Wanna Know About You
3. S.T.E.A.K.
4. Cola Party
5. Jackn’ Jill
6. Hot Sauce
7. Raybans in Bahrain
8. Gimme Gimme
9. Alpha Bit


JUNE ’14
FRIDAY 6      The Flag, Biassono, Italy
FRIDAY 13     Items & Things Showcase, City Hall, Barcelona, Spain
SATURDAY 14   Bpitch Control & Friends, Fact Music Pool Series, Barcelona, Spain
THURSDAY 26   Marc Houle Live, Lux, Lisbon, Portugal
SATURDAY 28   Mondo, MONDO, Madrid, Spain

JULY ’14
SATURDAY 5    Fuse Presents Marc Houle Live, Fuse Club, Brussels, Belgium
SUNDAY 6     WYS!, London Cola Party Album Tour, Fabric, London, England
THURSDAY 17   ENTER., Space Ibiza, San Jordi, Ibiza, Spain
FRIDAY 18     Shadowplay, I.Boat, Bordeaux, France
SATURDAY 19   Warehouse/Plaza, Warehouse Alternative Club, Tortoreto, Italy
SATURDAY 26   EQUINOXE, 104 PARIS, Paris, France

SATURDAY 9    Marc Houle live, Rockstore, Montpellier, France
SATURDAY 23   Kursaal Terrace, San Sebastian, Spain