Artist : Martin Roth

Track : Suite 909 / Epic Waves

Remixers : Sahar Z

Label : Sudbeat

Cat No : SB045

Release : 13.01.2014

Genre : Progressive House

Review by Andy Howarth

The return of the mighty Sudbeat records sees us with a new EP from the legend that is Martin Roth. This man needs no introduction, he’s had releases on huge labels like Anjunadeep, Armada, and the all-conquering Vandit so he’s earned his stripes over the years.

This new release sees Martin embrace the more laidback style of Progressive House that he has adopted in recent years, as opposed to the full-on speaker busting Trance that you might know him better for. It’s always nice to see a renowned artist showcasing some diversity, and this EP on Sudbeat is a highly qualified effort.

Title track ‘Suite 909’ is a majestic beast indeed, with gorgeous soundscapes riding on top of a pulsing deep bassline. Roth waits patiently until the 3-minute mark to fire the main riff into the mix, and it’s a wonderful moment when it does. Fans of Nick warren and Jody Wisternoff’s style of entrancing Progressive will lap this up.

Happily, it gets even better from here as Sahar Z takes the solid foundations and crafts a bruising full-fat rendition all of his own. If the original version is a bit too ‘early doors’ for your liking, this rework with its tribal percussion and rumbling bass should prove more than adequate for entertaining the dancefloor during the later hours of the evening. Seriously heavy stuff from a man who’s no stranger to rising to the challenge of remixing a top shelf release like this.

Rounding off the EP is original track ‘Epic Waves’, a record with a wistful feel that’s somewhat reminiscent of the aural landscapes crafted by the likes of Minilogue et al, albeit with a slightly more bass-driven structure.

To conclude, it’s a superb achievement for the Sudbeat camp, and another solid tick on Roth’s already glittering CV. If you’re after intelligent professionally-produced Progressive House of the highest calibre, Martin and Sahar have just the thing for you.

About the Author

Born of the Oxfordshire countryside, Andy has always preferred the quaint aspects of life around a historic city to the hustle and bustle of places like London or Birmingham. That said, the desire to satisfy his thirst for live music has led to him fleeing the tranquility of rural life on a regular basis, in favour of regions where the nightlife doesn't have to come to an abrupt end at 3am.