Matt Sassari & Stephen Macias – Flee

Artist: Matt Sassari & Stephen Macias
Title: Flee
Remix: The Deepshakerz
Label: Kinetika Records
Released: 20/10/2014
Genre: Techno

Tech House and Techno exponent from France, Matt Sassari not only has the dance floors of the world in a strangle hold, but even the best Techno labels in electronic dance music by their ears, literally. The cunning musicality of Sassari makes a comeback on label Kinetika Records, NYC with an October release titled “Flee” alongside fellow French man Stephan Macias. Plus one gets a stomping remix from The Deephakerz to complete the pack up.

Well, sedated is hardly the word one would use to describe the Original cut; what it is though sounds amazingly effortless, and a mother of all Techno tunes. Your senses dive in to plunging waterfalls one after the other, spinning away in a whirl wind of sounds; an odyssey in to a deep recipe which has all the components to make you dance like no one’s watching. An Amazonian macho Vocal, funk laden Bass is accompanied by oscillating mysterious darkness and understated menace of a peak time floor killer.

As the woody blocks of the Deepshakerz remix unfolds, one is instantly drawn in to a maze of hypnotic beats; the frantic intensity of the entire track assembles itself for your aural pleasure. It is a rocket of a remix, and one that doesn’t fully give it to you, until it is two thirds done but when the peak arrives, it really arrives. With grooving hints of melody lashing against a vortex of synths and big room Bass that would wake the dead, it has enough power to bring smiles even in the darkest of clubs. This one’s punchy, clean and mesmerizing, and an example of what a good Techno rework should be about.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.