MiraculuM LP out now on Stripped Recordings

Artist: MiraculuM
Title: Die Quelle Der Seele LP
Label: Stripped Recordings
Cat No: 012LP-SR
Release date: Out now!
Genre: Ambient/Deep/Progressive

Gyorgy Udvardy best known as MiraculuM releases “Die Quelle Der Seele”, a brand new album that covers the Hungarian musician’s really diverse musical talent, across nine crushingly fabulous tracks. That unexpected fulfillment of a promise, in the sense that he hasn’t spared anything with this package as an undeniable refinement courses through from start to finish.

Starting up with the hauntingly vocal mellifluous beauty of “Forging A Planet”, the track paints a fiery picture, that of a burning cinematic kind. The Piano forays, and much hissing underneath, coils around claps of percussive elements and gurgling bass slices. It gives way to the open tinkling and warmth of “Blue Sunny Breezy”; the dynamism of this tune lies in the fact that it swerves around your ears like a butterfly you cannot catch. The vocals fuse alongside a friendly quirky melodic line, and funky shapes of bass shudder provide the back bone against the backdrop of bare longing this track invokes in you. Next up, the title tune “Die Quelle Der Seele”, cruises to a nicety, and again those beautiful Piano tones, bubbling melodic pads warm up the aural senses to a sway. Shards of stoney interiors rock the composition off to another dimension.

“Insidrums” chronicles much syncopated drama, yet pristinely executed rhythms join smoky masculine vocals with a bass line that titillates, and bewilders in equal measure, along with volts of acid perfuming the air. A fantastic piece by MiraculuM! “The Mystery in Music” starts off with echoing vocals that beckon at you to listen in more, while the bass smacks you in the face as it stabs out and away in to “Slenderman”, a track that oscillates up from all the previous and stands as a progressive giant in its entirety. With delicate touches of melody and shiny bass, it’s one of those you hold dear.

Meeting the latter half of the album, “Synchrotron” feat. Sara Garvey, sets disarming atmospherics in the proceedings, largely due to the hypnotic quality of the vocals involved. There are dollops of prickly rhythms going on that are as engaging as the rest of the tunes in the pack. As we are left with the last two “Like Lullabies Among Vampires” has a much restrained middle and non synthesized textures one can fold oneself in to. The squiggly warmth of the bass thwack is sublimely giddy to hear. It airily gulps and belches at you. The finisher true to its name “Dawnstar”, is alluring and feels like you’re floating on soft cottony clouds of mush. The best left for the end, entices with its coherent beats and shiny synths, with the bass undertone gently popping, all the elements do come to a wondrous close. Taking everything in, this outing is enormous, encompassing ambient, chilled to steady melodic beats speak of a fabulous narrative, and showcases the length and breadth of MiraculuM’s musicality to perfection.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.