Mircea Ivan – Formula/Shift

Artist: Mircea Ivan
Title: Formula/Shift
Label: Comment After
Release Date: 17/11/2014
Genre: Techno

The Slovenian label “Comment After” may have just entered into the dance music industry, but they already have a couple of releases under their belt; one by Alex Long, who is no stranger to the techno circuit, and the other by the Romanian up and coming rising star, Mircea Ivan.

Mircea, who calls himself a ‘techno junkie’ has already impacted the techno circuit in a big way, with his single “Phoenix” being heavily supported by Ritchie Hawtin, even today.

His latest offering; a 2 track EP has two distinct, techno monsters. ‘Formula’ is a slice of gritty, dirty beats, coupled with acid-like elements that give the entire track a peak-time warehouse feel. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, then the claps and subtle, yet exquisitely sharp melodies will. Building itself slowly, the underlying dark layers are what make this track really stand out.

The second track, ‘Shift’ is a haunting and spacey kind of techno monster. The synths and melodies are grim, but balance off perfectly with the kicks and the bouncy percussions. The groove builds itself layer upon layer with the melodies and synths and the track is more of a 3 am one and the swathing percussions encase you in techno goodness.

This young Romanian may have just stepped into the industry; however, his technical prowess and clean and polished tracks make him one to watch out for. Brilliant stuff by this talented artist!

About the Author

Shilpa’s love of dance music is vast and it spreads across many different styles. Before becoming a writer you’d find her on the dancefloor shaking a leg while her favourite DJs were working their magic. 7 years ago she decided to combine her love of dance music and her love of writing and began to document her experiences and the music she is a firm advocate of, and has since then written with some pretty heavyweight publications.