We Are Here Music release Elphinstone EP by Rodrigo Cortazar

Artist: Rodrigo Cortazar
Title: Elphinstone EP
Label: We Are Here Music
Cat No: WAHM009
Release date: 08/12/2014

Truth be told, Mexican label We Are Here Music have had a slew of speaker sliding releases this year and the aural onslaught continues with Mexico born and bred Rodrigo Cortazar. Their latest EP “Elphinstone” contains two original tracks that are to die for. The imprint welcomes John O’Connor to rework the first while Zeque does his thing with the latter.

Tuning my antenna on to the title tune “Elphinstone” it deserves a round of applause for being such a chunky hot number. Bugged out bass and cunning Techie grooves meets a warped masculine Vocal, sitting nicely with hookey synth stabs, rounding up the track to a full bodied outing. O’Connor’s remix, on the other hand is vigorous well assembled bounce. The pace gets a move on, designed for peak time antics. The syrupy wobbly bass kicks up a carnival vibe. Heavy hits of percussion meets a melody ridden middle. This one is an assured dance floor gem.

Cool as a cucumber, the opening stabs of “Come With Us” Original Mix has a playful tone. Surrounded by thickish bass, macho Vocals and primal atmospherics focuses on thumping you out. A seething mass of synthesised squelch, slivers of solo chord appearances, shards of funk fuels the rest of the track on. The Zeque Dub mix of the latter offering, turns out to be my pick with its affected claps, and the vocals get a fractured echo this time around. Sounding rich and languid, he adds a cosmopolitan sheen on the exterior, while the inside is churlish acidic grit. The undulation of the chord drapes a staccato bass and rarely does a Tech-House outing have so much class sprayed all over it.

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