MUUI – Escape the Remedies album review

Artist : MUUI
Title : Escape The Remedies
Label : Crossfrontier Audio
Cat No : CFACD001
Release : 12 January 2015
Genre : House/Techno

With Christmas mere days away, heres a little treat for you music fans to save your hard earned money for. Drawing inspiration from his focus on live performance ‘Escape the Remedies’ is MUUI’s first live album; a personal statement, and continuation of the Berlin based artist’s deep exploration into live possibilities with all elements of the album processed and arranged live.

“I am just continually exploring new ways of creating and processing my sounds live,” explains MUUI. “After a few very good live shows I was motivated to create a live album. After putting out some live mixes and recordings some people also wanted to hear singles of the tracks in the sets of which they did not exist, so in making a live album I wanted to not only make a live journey for people to hear from start to finish, but I also wanted to record each element separately via the mixing desk into my computer to then also enable me to make singles for other DJs to play.”

With support from a string of high profile DJs and a series of successful live shows across Germany, this young artist continues to go from strength to strength. Every track here shines with his signature hybrid house/techno sound creating a glorious hour and 18 minutes of inspired music. He makes music as it should be made, fluid and in the moment and if you happen to be at Watergate on the 14th January, you can hear MUUI live (and in the flesh!) The whole album is brilliant, but highlights for me are the ultra hypnotic ‘Qasas’, the deep tribal groove of ‘Desire’ and the Detroit textures of ‘Suggestions’. A thoroughly engrossing package.

01// Into The Shadows (Intro)
02// Modern Flüsse
03// Polkadot Syndrome
04// Escape the Remedies
05// Qasas
06// Desire
07// Pony
08// Touch
09// Suggestions
10// Too Many
11// Slay
12// Always (Outro)