Neil Quigley & Cari Golden – Time EP

Artist: Neil Quigley & Cari Golden
Title: Time EP
Remixer: Danton Eeprom
Label: REfINE
Cat No: REF007
Genre: House
Released: 22/09/2014

The label may be just two years young, but this next release off REfINE is tasty, melodic and filled with vocals, and a groove that instantly gets you off your chair and dancing. With the sultry yet soulful vocals of Cari Golden, label co-owner Neil Quigley gives you 2 original versions of “Time”, and there’s a remix by the talented London based French producer Danton Eeprom.

The first track, which has been heralded as the ‘Morning Time Original’, is fresh and gives you the feeling that summer isn’t quite over. The vocals kick in right from the first bar and are cleverly manipulated into the chord changes before Cari’s voice can be heard to it’s fullest potential. The groovy kicks and the percussion like samples add a touch of quirk to the track and even if you’ve been partying late into the night, this track will still get you off your feet.

The ‘Evening Time Dub’, which is the second version, uses part of the vocals, but takes away the main riff which leaves more room for the melodies. The same groovy bass lines are ever imminent and the melodic pads give you that warm up vibe.

Danton Eeprom has given quite the unique touch to this track. Known for making several iterations to each track before he is completely satisfied, the technical mastery can be seen in this remix. Upping the tempo a notch, digitizing Cari’s vocals as well as adding complicated layers to the track, he digresses from the original without compromising too much of the original stems. With this remix, there are more synth manipulations, but the core melody stays the same.

The entire EP is quality and shows lots of interesting and versatile technical aspects. Each track has been treated with care and attention to detail, and it is another stellar release from the REfINE label.

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