Oliver Huntemann – PLAY 05 Live in Vienna

Artist: Oliver Huntemann
Title: PLAY! 05 Live in Vienna/Austria
Format: 2xCD, Digital
Label: Senso Sounds
Release Date: 06/10/2014

With all his current artistic sensibilities in place, Oliver Huntemann releases a much anticipated double CD mix pack on his shiny new label, Senso Sounds, recorded live in Vienna, Austria.

CD 1 – Huntemann immediately goes for the jugular, by revealing a new formula in “Are You There”, Josh Wink, Harry Romero ACA Tool and “Madness”, both of which turn out to be absolute sprightly tunes to begin with. “Blitz”, Oliver Huntemann’s (sinewy underground gem) and a ridiculously fat “Locust” show out tight knit tech grooving. There’s a crescendo effect from here on, that takes the mix forward. Next up the instantly appealing “Fetisshu” which has a clubby clacking bassline and a moody riff that does good damage.

With the tone set, the mix builds up a blueprint of ultra-compressed friendly finery with “New Era”, the contrasting off beat darkness with a profusion of Vocals through, “The Journey of Life”, grandiose “Scud” and “Exit Acid” thunders forward respectively. The eccentric winding sample of “Greed” and meticulous tightness of “Bis April” enhances the assemblage of the set to the back end nicely. “Children of House” is a squall of machine bits and Vocal growl that settles head long in to the gravelly dancing of “Second Assault”. “Vienna”, Huntemann’s own handiwork and “Get Together”, finish up with a cross fertilization of sounds this decade has brought in spades.Despite the conventional recipe nearly all tracks feature the same expected ingredient, having said that, some are jack hammers for the build up towards a peak time affair.

CD 2 – Starting up from where the previous mix gets off, the last track, “Get Together” begins proceedings off and cascades in to the brassy brashness of “Better Than This” that interlopes with “Leave” which offers a slicing treated voice, and bubbling Bass gore driving enough to keep the dance floor moving. “Cascadia” is all about locking that groove and spinning one up and the tune that makes this mix altogether real interesting; on to “Clicks & Bricks” Techno rumble and pounding beat fissures. “Agua” by label boss and long-time compatriot, Dubfire get a remix from Carl Craig and happens to be neatly placed to get a move on. “Kraaq”, “Direkt” “Deplacement Lateral” are all equal parts of freaked up electronic noise, rhythm pummels and prime time Berlin beat works. “Survivor”, “99Solutions”, “Don’t Stop No Sleep”, “Dirty Business”, and “Shame Cube”, have remarkable similarities in nature of crunchy bass riffs, engrossing skeletal percussions backing those heavy floor shifting plates of big room beats. Oliver Huntemann is likely to win all the accolades, as he provides a chance for everyone to smash speakers with this latest double CD.

Track list

01. Josh Wink – Are You There (Harry Romero ACA Tool)
02. Djuma Soundsystem Vs. Shades Of Gray – Madness (Hallo Halo Remix)
03. Oliver Huntemann – Blitz
04. &ME – Locust
05. Renato Ratier – Fetisshu (Cesare vs Disorder Battle Royale Remix)
06. Kasbah Zoo & Oniwax – New Era
07. Mark Deutsche & Musoé – The Journey Of Life feat. Nick Maurer
08. Jacob Phono & Jens Bond – Scud
09. Mark Henning – Exit Acid feat. Dejan
10. CJ Hartmann – Greed
11. Jules & Moss – Bis April
12. Nolan & Idris Elba – Children Of House
13. Siles & Aboga – Second Assault
14. Oliver Huntemann – Vienna
15. Faded Ranger – Get Together (Right Now) (Silky Raven Remix)

01. Faded Ranger – Get Together (Right Now) (Silky Raven Remix)
02. Andreas Henneberg – Better Than This
03. BE/LA – Leave
04. dubspeeka – Cascadia (K34)
05. André Winter & Hatzler – Clicks & Bricks
06. Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire – Agua (Carl Craig Remix)
07. Matt Sassari – Kraaq
08. Dema, Alex Mine – Direkt
09. Florian Gasperini – Deplacement Lateral
10. Rob Hes – Survivor
11. Andr Winter – 99Solutions
12. Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep
13. Sinisa Tamamovic – Dirty Business
14. Sian – Shame Cube (Oliver Huntemann Remix)


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Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.