One Million Circuits – Music

Name : One Million Circuits Title
Music Label : Stripped Digital
Cat No : 014SDLP Release : 30/06/2014
Genre : Electronic

Italian duo Coa & Ramsi aka One Million Circuits make their debut on Norman Hines excellent Stripped Digital imprint with a 9 track album entitled Music. Choosing to remain anonymous and allow their music to take centre stage is a brave move in this age of information over saturation, and talk it does! The opener – Oceanic Music Box sounds very much like the sketchy electronica of my youth from bands like Aphex Twin, Mira Calix and Plaid with overtones of the french house sound of Daft Punk and Superdiscount. Theres almost too much going on, and as the off key synths reach fever pitch a 4/4 drum brings everything back from the edge. Its otherworldly, elegant and off kilter all at the same time. Imagine James Holden and Nathan Fake on a bender at Awakenings and you kinda get the gist.

By comparison, the title track, My Music is the complete opposite; a blissful upbeat house track full of promise and sunny days lying on the beach somewhere hot. Again elements of the vocodered french sound permeate this track, in fact the album continues in this vain with well structured and expertly produced house tracks. It very much reminds me of the first Dousk album – DIY. Each track has a sunny, happy vibe as if inspired by a tremendous Ibiza experience. Mid way through the album, Vector #1 ups the energy with a stabby  house work out very much in the US garage sound of Twilo and Sound Factory circa 1992, and this marks a change in mood with a darker driving sound over the next few tracks. My favourite track of the album happens towards the end with the cryptically titled Pi 48khz. Its a rolling techno workout featuring a reverbed xylophone or glockenspiel. Anyway, its fab. The album finishes in the manner it started, resolutely upbeat and positive. And to be fair to these two impresarios, there isn’t enough upbeat happy music around these days, so kudos to you. Tracks 01// Oceanic Music Box 02// My Music 03// Grace 04// Panarama 05// Azide’s Segment 06// Vector #1 (A+Y) 07// Vector #2 (B+Y) 08// Pi 48khz 09// Memories