Pell & Preda unleash a beast of track in Romper Stomper

Artist : Pell & Preda
Title : Romper Stomper
Label : Stripped Off
Release : June 1st 2015
Genre : Techno

Norman Hines’ Stripped Off label is something of an enigma to me. Ever present in a slew of top flight DJs monthly charts, its presence in the marketplace is undeniable. And yet, its very rare that I listen or buy from it. This however made my ears stand to attention from the get go. Alex Preda is a name synonymous with great productions. Signed to Dutch uber label Manual Music, the classy Romanian is really on his game at the moment. In Damion Pell, who has over 20 years experience as a working DJ, he’s found a kindred spirit and someone with whom he can only improve and reach those heady heights of superstardom.

Take Romper Stomper for example, the duos first outing. Already a firm favourite for a raft of A listers, from Maceo Plex, DJ T, Jimmy Van M to Cid Inc and remixes by two of the most in demand underground producers in house and techno, they have unleashed a beast of a track. The original is a grower. And much like watching a panther stalk its prey on a nature programme, the tension created it almost tangible. The lead riff is as demonic and twisted as anything Walter Carlos and Stanley Kubrick left on the cutting room floor after editing A Clockwork Orange and its 5/4 time signature adds an extra off kilter dimension to really set it apart from the crowd.

Neil Browne’s interpretation is edgy and complex. He takes the lead line and moulds around it a detailed rolling drum and percussion arrangement, which will no doubt be a favourite of the likes of Darren Emerson and the tech house elite. Its very good. Jacob Phono on the other hand opts for a post minimal stripped techno cut with splashes of that orchestral arrangement. Hypnotic and unrelenting in equal measures, its goal of keeping the dance floor rocking is achieved easily. Its deep and devastatingly original, and my personal choice of the package.

Expect to hear this all summer in the cooler clubs and dance floors of the world.