Artist : Phonic Scoupe

Title : Love & Hate EP

Label : Stripped Recordings

Cat : [135-SR]

Release : Jan 13 2014

Genre : Techno/Tech House

Review by Andy Howarth

Stripped Recordings hit us up with a new EP from Phonic Scoupe for 2014. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry, they’re a new trio of producers from Lithuania and havn’t released much to date.

The title track ‘Love & Hate’ marries punchy beats with filtered synths throughout, and it’s clear they’ve been putting the hours in with regard to the quality of production. There’s precious little in the way of a breakdown, with the guys preferring to focus on developing the rolling beats.

From here, ‘Love In Space’ takes us on a slightly deeper path, whilst retaining the proggy elements of the lead track. There’s an almost Trancey riff that is remeniscent of some of the main-room material that was so prominent around the 2003/4 era. That’s no bad thing though, as it compliments the track quite nicely and certainly ramps up the ‘epicness’ to do justice to the big-room feel of the record.

Closing out the EP is ‘Aliens In My Bed’, a warm crunchy number that begins with plenty of promise, and then sadly dashes them all with a supposedly otherworldy synth line (hence the name) that just did nothing for me i’m afraid.

|ll in all, it’s a reasonable effort that’s very well made, but sadly lacking on the memorable stakes. Head for ‘Love In Space’ out of the three tracks, it’s a nice chuggy Prog House effort and one that would sound suitably impressive over a big sound system.

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