Phonic Scoupe – Seven Sins album review

Artist : Phonic Scoupe
Title : Seven Sins
Label : Stripped Recordings
Cat No : 010SRLP
Release : Out Now

Phonic Scoupe (Justas Dzim, Tadas King, and Dmitrijus Sidenokas) are three young producer/DJs from Lithuania. They first came onto the scene in August 2013 with their remix of Nemanja Kostic’s “Voyage” on Stripped Recordings. From then on they have been prolific in the studio releasing four singles on Stripped Recordings with the likes of Cid Inc, Dousk, Tom Glass & Pincer Movement remixing their tracks. Remixes on the label they’ve completed include work by Michael King, Gvozdini feat Milana and Oona Dahl.

On sister label Stripped Digital they have had no less than 4 remixes released. They’ve also appeared on releases on Sound Avenue, Stellar Fountain, Soundteller Records & System Recordings. Having slowly but surely built a loyal fan base including luminary DJs such as Guy J and Nick Warren, they are now ready to unleash their debut album – Seven Sins. A bonus beatless versions disk is also available for those more chilled moments.

From the first bar of the opener – Eagerness, whats very apparent is the sheer talent these guys have. Its a bright and breezy start and Lust which I reviewed a few weeks ago continues apace. Then we get into the real meat of the album, Anxiety is a twisted and sketchy soundscape for those more surreal moments. Backed by an almost trademark bassline, its energy is undeniable. Treason is a more melancholy piece and shows a different side to PS. Its one of my personal favourites, and likely to be something you hear me play out.

Anathmea bustles the energy and is perfect for those times in a set when things need to go up a notch or two. Revenge is also powerful; a low slung bass affair which drips with personality and danger. Drop either of these at the right time and watch the floor explode! Grudge acts as an outro but its the Beatless version thats the real damager here, in fact the whole of the second disc is a good reminder of a production team in complete mastery of their skills, and if I had to choose one disk, I think the beatless versions will be a mainstay in any music fans collection for a long time to come.

01. Eagerness (Intro)
02. Lust
03. Anxiety
04. Treason
05. Anathema
06. Revenge
07. Grudge (Outro)
08. Eagerness (Beatless Version)
09. Lust (Beatless Version)
10. Anxiety(Beatless Version)
11. Treason (Beatless Version)
12. Anathema (Beatless Version)
13. Revenge (Beatless Version)
14. Grudge (Beatless Version)