Pig & Dan – Sandstorm EP

Artist : Pig & Dan
Title : Sandstorm EP
Label : Elevate
Cat No : ELV015
Release: 18th August 2014
Gebre : Techno

Pig & Dan’s label Elevate continues to grow in strength this year with a series of stunning releases from the likes of Jay Tripwire, Dema, Kane Roth and (of course) the boys themselves. Having already unleashed the mind-bendingly brilliant, peak-time monster – Slash, Pig & Dan return once more with a superb peak-time selection of techno stormers. If you are familiar with their work, then you know that they produce and play music that is far from linear. They’re always looking to push the envelope with genre-bending music and a devotion to creating something special that gets right under your skin and elevates your spirit. Pig & Dan’s attention to detail is a mark of their creative excellence.

Starting with the title track Sandstorm, a tough kick and percussive groove gradually makes way for a seriously mind altering lead synth which, as the track progresses flexes as if possessed by demonic forces! The resultant track is a powerful mid set out and out techno monster. I defy you not to dance to this. Similarly, track 2 – Power is grooving from the outset, but feels far more refined compared to its rough healed and scruffily dressed little brother. The synth lines here are cerebral and playfullly work against each other. Im reminded of some of the more obscure works of Mauro Picotto back in the day, or even Smith and Selways’ tracks on Bugged Out. Completely entrancing and utterly beguiling techno.

Lastly, There’s No Turning Back sluggishly gets out of the blocks and feels much deeper than the first two peak time selections. As the track develops and the theme is revealed, Im drawn into this shadowy labyrinth that the boys have sonically created. By far my favourite track of the EP, this appeals to the producer in me with its intricacies and attention to detail. A very sinister and otherworldly track, and unlike anything I’ve really heard P & D do. Bravo lads, a brave experimental climax to a thoroughly brilliant EP.