Pole Folder – The Pole Folder Collection Review

Artist : Pole Folder
Title : The Pole Folder Collection
Label : Reworck
Release :

With 21 releases and 4 years under its belt, the journey of electronic label Reworck is very much in motion. The Belgian imprint, founded by Pole Folder has seen support from the likes of John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Laurent Garnier, alongside release accolades including DJ Mag Germany’s ‘Release of the Month’ in May 2013. Marking it’s upcoming 5th anniversary, Reworck proudly present the first in a series of collections looking back at the journey so far, highlighting the plethora of styles, genres and feelings reflecting the spirit of the label. Label head Pole Folder is the first contributor with a comprehensive collection of tracks penned for the label, with two further collections to follow shortly.

Starting in fine fashion, Motel fires into life with passion and precision. Neat orchestral melodies playfully tease the listener to the first break where a rumbling and powerful bass joins the fray. A keyed hook and more delightful synth work draws us in the the main break of bliss filled calm. And as the tune powers on to the end you can’t help but nod your head and smile from ear to ear. It may be a track entirely made on minor chord progressions, but it makes you very hopeful and positive. A really strong way to start any collection of works, but with someone of Pole Folders calibre, you’re never in doubt.

Underwater takes me back to a time in the early 2000s when every progressive producer was making tribal house. Some like Pole Folder, Steve Lawler and Oliver Lieb were very adept, this is one of those tracks. Even with starkly minimal cuts like this, Pole Folder has the ability to add buckets of personality and clout. With Indigo, were treated to another side of the Pole Folder arsenal. Once progressive breaks were king, and Indigo was the kind of track you found at the top of everyones monthly charts, but tastes change and genres fall by the wayside. File this one away next to Sasha – Involver 1.

I hope by this point you’ve cottoned on the the fact I really like Pole Folder! His melancholy house is what really hooked me in, like this next track Dimension Missing with Erika Bach. Soundtrack-y synth lines give the track purpose and direction while the mournful lyrics attract the wayward, forgotten youth I once was. Its e-moment music for warm up jocks who want to really take the floor in to outer space. Chez Jean is a rolling breaks affair; very Marine Parade, and fun. The sawtooth bass cuts through the lowed like knife through butter and the whole track has a warmth and familiarity to it. There a nice twist in the second part as it suddenly become 4/4 house.

Anime Edge is well known for his G-House sound, but here with Pole Folder at the reigns with him they create a very French sounding early evening track. There not a great deal I can say about it, its one you need to hear really. Its good, but 6 tracks in with the quality already on display, I’ve kinda run out of superlatives! Variation 1 is tough prog. With playful trancey melodies it rumbles along very pleasantly with minimal percussive elements. Its reminiscent of the works James Holden was doing around the mid 00s, but this is far more evolved stuff. The Soulful Dawn takes us back to that deep brooding sound Pole Folder does so well. Its a track I have started made of my sets with in 2012. Masterful its design, pianos echo in the distance with mournful pad lines and eerie groans. The bass that kicks in after the break is like a warm blanket of sine waves which wraps the listener in a blanket of melancholy rage, kisses them on the forehead and tells them “its gunna be OK.”

Rounding out the collection in the magnificent progressive trancer Mad Love. Simplistic and utter beguiling, its ransacks your mind for the full 8 minutes, taking you to Shangra-La and back again, but minus your wallet! Lastly is the super funky Chelsea’s Lane. A lazy tribal beat and repeated naggingly addictive stab lead you in to a rising pad line. For anyone a fan of Yoogie Van Bellens work, you’re going to really dig this one. The synths slowing rise and rise and rise, and by the 3 minute mark you’re totally hypnotised. A fitting end to a marvellous collection of tracks from one of the scenes best and most under rated producers.

Playlist :
1. Motel
2. Underwater
3. Indigo
4. Dimension Missing (feat. Erika Bach)
5. Chez Jean
6. Minor Theory (with Amine Edge)
7. Variation 1
8. The Soulful Dawn
9. Mad Love
10. Chelsea’s Lane