Professional Losers – Crazy Sexy Hypnotic (Remixes)

Artist : Professional Losers
Track : Crazy Sexy Hypnotic
Label : What Happens
Release : 7th July 2014
Genre : House, Deep House

Originally released on the legendary Southern Fried Records a decade ago, Professional Losers’ Crazy Sexy Hypnotic created a buzz back then and the guys were described “The Next Big Danish Housers” by iDJ following support from all the big guns of the time. They released a string of tracks on Southern Fried and were also personally asked to remix Fatboy Slim (UK Buzz Chart #1). Further releases by the losers were out on Toolroom, Wallop Recordings and more.

The classic now gets a well-deserved re-release with hot new remixes by What Happens main man Tim Andresen and Reisei Records label boss QMUSSE from Barcelona. All I can say is, if this doesn’t send the White Isle in to a tizzy I need to give my ears back!

Tim Andresen opts here to strip back the original, which in fairness thunders along compared to the speed of todays House tracks. He really focuses on the the vocal delivery and the atmosphere to create a languid and thoroughly captivating, almost beach house vibe. I can well imagine myself Pina Colada in hand taking in the sunset at Savannah with this as the soundscape. Its simply wonderful.

QMUSSE takes us down a more US Garage route which really shows the quality of this producer, as he completely rebuilds the track to sound like something the late great Tony Humphries or Todd Terry would play; guttural, animalistic deep house, which is all groove and no fluff. Its my personal pick of the three tracks, although the original will always have a small piece of my heart just for that incredible bass line!