Rebel One Far Away/Agata De Fuego remixes review

Artist : Rebel One
Track : Far Away / Agata De Fuego Remixes
Label : Stripped Off
Release : 30th March 2015
Genre : Techno

The originals by Costa Rican producer Rebel One came out in late 2014, and at the time, we were promised remixes. Well, ever trustworthy, Stripped Off now delivers those remixes by Miro Pajic and duo Jens Bond and Jacob Phono.

So to the tracks. The original of Far Away was a punchy mid set progressive house track with bubbling acidic notes, eerie sonic textures and a sinister vocal refrain. Berlin based duo Jens Bond and Jacob Phono take the original ideas, and far from dilute them, refine the elements into a bouncy tech number with bags of personality and attention grabbing potential. The vocal is more audible and the addition of the all too short lived acid line and 909 drum hits brings this piece bang up to date in a retro chic kinda way. For me a brilliant remix from two seasoned veterans .

Agata De Fuego as you may remember was a more twisted affair then Far Away. Its deliberate main lead drawing the listener in with cleverly automated changes in pitch and speed. Minimal by design, it was a lesson in less certainly being more. Milo Pajic takes it in a totally different direction; imagine Marco Carola remixing James Holden and you come some way towards how different a direction he’s taken. Frankly, its a brave move which I think has paid off magnificently. If I’m brutally honest, Miro had very little to work with given the complex simplicity of the original, but he’s kept that twisted main lead and added a super funky bassline twisting it into a deliciously naughty tech house master class. Good Job.

In 2010 Sasha tweeted that Stripped was his label of the year after playing 60 tracks over the course of 12 months, personally, nothing has changed for me. Stripped do a brilliant job of consistently finding talented producers year in year out, such that I can pretty much guarantee I’m going to play whatever hits my promo inbox. We used to call it ‘buying blind’ in the vinyl days… Bravo Stripped, this is a bomb!