Review – Bedrock release new Marc Romboy tracks

Artist: Marc Romboy
Title: Counting Comets/Osiris
Label: Bedrock
Released: Out Now
Genre: Techno

In its quest to release exceptional, forward-thinking electronic music, John Digweed’s Bedrock label constantly joins forces with some of the world’s finest artists. One name missing, until now, has been Düsseldorf’s world-renowned DJ/Producer, Marc Romboy, whose deep, engaging house and techno sounds mark him out as a true maverick. Electronic music with a certain piece of soul – reminiscent of old school Chicago/Detroit dance floor insanity – is Marc Romboy’s true passion. He has been a distinctive presence in the house/techno scene for two decades, launching two ground-breaking labels, Le Petit Prince (1994) and Systematic (2004), and presenting his weekly radio show “Systematic Sessions” (since 2009), never tiring of coming up with fresh and innovative ideas to push the limits of electronic sounds. Marc Romboy’s exceptional Bedrock debut is one to treasure for a long time to come.

“I love to DJ all over the globe, because I like the way that everybody understands and lives the same language, the universal language of techno or house music.” – Marc Romboy

Bolting from the gates like a rabid greyhound is title track Counting Comets part 1. And in true pioneer form its cinematic, wildly hypnotic synth keyboard led melody reminds me of the greats like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Unrepentantly it gathers pace with a carefully orchestrated drum and percussion ensemble which never detracts from the star of the show – that key line. The break which never feels like 2 mins is deftly handled and is a welcome distraction from the repetition of the melody, and as it slowly comes back into focus, tension is added with a slight variation to the keys. This is a superb example of really musical, forward thinking electronic music. Diggers has been all over this, and you should be too! Part 2 of this track will be available shortly on the Bedrock compilation “Underground Sound of Ibiza 2” sometime in July.

Osiris continues the theme set by the magical lead track. This ones a deeper ride, with more emphasis placed on the drums and bass. if you listen carefully, theres a nod to MARRS in the opening half. No less spiritual, its place in a number of DJs summer sets is guaranteed. On first listen it sounds like the holy union of Booka Shade with Djuma Soundsystem – Its delightful! Its rolling bass and tribalesque percussions drive it along and the repeated falling synth pattern hypnotises. The addition of the pad sounds in the second half make me weak at the knees and Im in progressive heaven! Don’t wait on this release. Go buy TODAY!